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There has been no change to the restrictions at the moment and the information on the Noticeboard and the Red Banner shows those which the guidance indicates apply in England.  Use this link to read the Tamesis Noticeboard.  This information will be updated when there is a change.

Last Week  26th January to 1st February

Last week’s rains have brought the river up in spate and no sailing would have been possible even if the Club had been open.  The river end of the Dinghy Park and the 18s berthing have both been submerged by the river as a result of the high river flow coinciding with spring tides.  Tides are currently diminishing and the next high spring tide will be on 11th February.  Walsh’s large floating crane remains moored alongside the Dinghy Park.  See the extent of flooding in News.

There was some Virtual Racing this week on Thursday but none on Sunday.

RYA eSailing Winter Club Championship

Tamesis Club has registered to take part, along with 71 other Clubs:  Richard Harris, as the Club Champion, will compete in the National Finals which will be live as part of the Virtual Dinghy Show at the end of February.  The NOR and SIs for the event can be found here

Looking Forward

Although it looks unlikely that we will be permitted to return to real sailing before some time in March, at the earliest, we intend to resume sailing and the Points Series racing on Sundays as soon as allowed.

When we are able to resume racing, initially we will use our established pandemic format with Starts for – Lasers 10:30, N18/Toppers/Handicap 11:00 and Merlins 11:30.

Tammy Natters

Zoe Adams will again host an informal Tammy Natters Zoom chat at 12:45 on Sunday 7th February for those who would like to see some well-known faces.  The link is

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 770 7468 9849
Passcode: 7TxnBm


Sailing at the Club – as and when it becomes permitted

Although the RYA believes that boating is legitimate as exercise, our grounds and slip not being public space would indicate that we are not allowed into the boat park.  Until things are clarified Members are asked not to go to the Club with the intention of sailing or maintaining their boats.

Advice on casual sailing, when permitted, in winter conditions is on the  Tamesis Noticeboard.

River conditions

At this time of the year the stream can become strong as a result of heavy rain in the area upstream.  At the moment the stream is particularly strong and this, in combination with the spring tides, which currently are just reducing, has resulted in flooding of the mooring areas.  Owners of boats which are parked closest to the river are advised to consider moving their boats further up the Dinghy Park temporarily.  Lasers should be moored to the chain between the rows – Carolyne Vines checked this for all Lasers on Sunday afternoon.  Check the flow and level readings at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach at
https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1249.   If the level rises above about 4.95m, inundation of the Tamesis grounds begins.

The Environment Agency posts a general digest of conditions on the river which can be seen at
River Thames Conditions – Environment Agency.

This site has an alternative link to the Kingston measuring station.

Links for both these sites have been put in via ‘Smithy On-line’ on the Home page of the Tamesis website.

Tamesis AGM

The Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for 2pm on Sunday 28th February, will be held as a Zoom meeting.  The Club has taken a licence for the Professional version of Zoom so we will not be constrained to 40 minutes.  Fuller information as to exactly how the Meeting will be conducted will be given in a future Tammy Matters.


Andrew Horwitz, the Harbourmaster, has been working on a system for ensuring that boats at the Club are identifiable and to assist James, the Assistant Treasurer, to send correct invoices for mooring fees.  He has developed an identifying sticker which, in the near future, will be placed on the transom of every boat resident at the Club.

Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing, effective 1st January 2021

World Sailing has recently published changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).  If you would like to learn more, Chris Simon from the RYA gave the following talk which provides a very clear explanation.  This video runs just over 1 hour and can be viewed at  2021 racing rules explained by Chris Simon. Int judge & umpire. Member of RYA Racing Rules Committee.


Joanne Zorian, who in normal times runs classes at Tamesis, has a new Zoom Pilates time-table.   (The offer for 4 £10.00 classes at £35.00 remains)

Monday            10:30       60 mins     General           £10
Tuesday            8:00        45 mins     Level 2            £10
Wednesday       10:00       35 mins     General           £5
Friday               10:00       35 mins     Gentle & fun   £5
Saturday           10:00       60 mins     General           £10

If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on  nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or joanne@joannezorian.co.uk

Chris Pollard