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Training from Home 21/1


I’m trying to be positive about getting back to training once the vaccine roll out makes it possible so I’ll go back to my original idea of going thru the RYA level1/2 syllabus theory so we can hit the ground running .
I plan to use the e mails I sent last year as the basis for this
Sorry not to be with you in person, but here is the chat we would have welcomed you with
After that we would have shown a DVD of capsize recovery just to show you that it isn’t the end of the world.  There are lots of sailing videos on google.  This one is worth a look
Basically when you capsize, you will end up in the water between the sail and the boat.
You need to swim round the back of the boat and climb on the the ‘centreboard’
Once you get on the board, you climb back in the boat and sail on
The good news is that we won’t ask you to do it until the weather is warm.  We will practise it on the shore first
That’s enough for this week.  Next time we can look at how to rig a boat.
An interest of mine is how many phrass or saying from the old days of sail are still in common use.  For example what do you thing ‘Touch and Go’ meant?
It is when you sail over a sandbar or something and nearly but not quite going aground.
Yachtmasters  Quiz
A2.2  answer d The pilot vessel alone gives way to sail
Q 2.3 Sailing on starboard you notice that the starboard cap shroud bottle screw is about to undo what do you do?
Incompetent Crew
I mentioned last week that one of the boats in the group went aground whilst leaving Lauersoog.  This was because they didn’t follow the buoyed channel through the adjoining area of shallows
Similarly when coming into Norderney we had to follow a twisting route regularly dredged to keep it open.
The marina is usually pretty busy and the adjoining sailing club is definitely up market.
Sailing can be fun
We hop to get you on the water as soon as it’s safe to do so, we will keep you informed.
Eric Finlayson