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Training from Home 21/2

Not sure how hopeful to be but let’s think about how training might go if/when we get the chance.

Seems a long time ago I started this.  Still working on the video problem.  In the meantime here is a shot from happier days.
After the boring bits, we go outside and start to sort out boats.  Over the years we’ve built up a very effective training fleet.  For the very young we have the Oppie (Optimist).
They are very easy to rig, and very hard to capsize, which is just as well as they are very hard to right.
Next up are the Toppers, which are suitable for children and adults or both together
Next we have the Mirror designed for an adult and a child.
They were designed for the Mirror newspaper to be built at home from a kit and democratise sail
The Laser is an Olympic class racing boat, a bit tipsy, but great fun
The Laser 2000 is an ideal training boat and good for family cruising
The Wayfarer is great for cruising.  They have crossed the North Sea and done round Britain cruises
There are websites for all these boats, so I suggest you google the ones you are interested in and see how much you can learn about rigging.
Sailors Sayings
Touch and go is when you go over a sandbank or something and nearly but not quite go aground.
How about Three sheets to the wind?
We would normally have issued you all with a handbook Start Sailing RYA order code G3 from  publications@rya.org.uk  (or Amazon).  They also have a video which is quite good.  Any teach yourself sailing book will have some good stuff.
Paul Elvstrom, a former Olympic champion used to strengthen his stomach muscles to aid ‘hiking out’ by sitting on/in the bath.  Maybe sit on a stool with your feet under the sofa and lean backwards
Yachtmasters Quiz
Answer A2.3 the pilot vessel is the only one who should give way to sail
Question Q2.4 on the British coast does the sea breeze back or veer?
Incompetent Crew
Norderney is a really great place for a stopover .
It’s a bit of a walk from the marina to the town which is as you might expect of a holiday resort full of nice pubs and restaurants .
I found a fantastic open air food festival in full swing
We got a fantastic deal on an Italian salad based meal including wine and fantastic cheese for not much more than a fiver a head
More next week
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson