Tamesis Club

Training from Home 21/3

Hi – hope you are all well

This week we’ll look at what to wear.
Obviously a club T shirt is essential but in general I don’t advise people to spend too much in the early days. Chandlers  will presumably be shut but maybe a good time to be going online


At first you can get buy with a lightweight anorak & over-trousers  from a cycling or outdoor shop .
The above show a dinghy suit which I use most then a wet suit useful if you expect to capsize get back in the boat then sail on in reasonable weather .
Lastly a dry suit so you can sail on thru the worst of weather . Great but pricey !

That’s my very old buoyancy aid. I also wear a sailing knife with a marlin spike and shackle “spanner” I also have various “leathermen “ the best being the Wave.
Next wet suit boots which really are worth getting as cold feet really spoil things.
Lightweight wellies ok unless you are launching from a beach.
Any old pair of trainers or plimsolls are ok but never sandals or bare feet.
Sailing glove of man made fabric not leather again a worthwhile first buy.  Different versions of full or part fingers are available .
Woolly hats good, but no bobbles. A balaclava is great because it doesn’t fall off and you can just use it as a scarf when things hot up .

We have a great training team , first up is Mal who has been teaching even longer than me.  That’s him on the right doing land drill.

Three sheets to the wind is when someone forgot to use the figure of eight stopper knot on all three foresails, letting the sail fly free. It now means drunk.

This weeks one – Swinging the Lead

Yachtmasters Quiz
A2.4=When a sea breeze kicks in the wind will usually veer
Q 2.5 what is the meaning of 5 15’W 2000(12’E) on a chart compass rose

Incompetent Crew
Saturday 8th
On the way back to the boat after our Italian Alfresco antipasto we lucked into a rock concert

The music was pretty good but queuing for beer tokens and glass deposits was a bit of a hassle.
Then early to bed for a long day tomorrow

If you find Teddington on Google earth  and click on the little man symbol (street view?) you can just about pretend to sail from the lock to Kingston Bridge.
Sailing can be fun
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson