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Training (working from home ) 21/6

Hi , hope you are all well

One of my Sunday tasks is to check on the current using the Environment Agency web site
This is a recent sample showing a range of stream rates

We usually manage to do some training even if red boards are showing provided we have enough safety cover .

Subject: Tacking.  This is from Sailaboatty.  Please try to find others if you can
If you are launching of a beach, it’s also important to watch the tide, so best to sail about high tide.
We can launch from slipways using finger jetties to allow the boat to point head to wind whilst rigging.
We can also use these for Oppie practice before we launch the rest of the fleet
The prevailing wind is westerly so usually offshore.  In an easterly onshore wind, we didn’t have the jetties, we might sail off under jib alone then turn head to wind to hoist the main sail.
Sailors’ Sayings
Re last weeks comments on O’Brian the chart I found compared double reefed topsail wind with Beaufort force 7 near gale whilst he spoke of palm fronds being rattled which sounds more like force 3
Not nautical but staying with weather I was reading Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything and learned that before the development of the current classification of cumulus nimbus etc clouds were divided into ten types of which the plumpest were number nine hence the expression to be on cloud nine .
Incompetent Crew
Our mooring was outside the yacht club proper probably for visitors as the main club moorings are pretty crowded and behind a swing bridge.
After a look around the club and its facilities we went to explore the town .
It seemed surprisingly quiet but we did manage to score a couple of bratwurst mit brod the found our way down to the harbour .
We thought the tall ships had started to arrive but this is actually a floating restaurant
Yachtmaster questions
A 2.7  The sidewaysdrift of a yacht is called leeway
Q 2.8  What type of Ocean Chart gives the following wind roses currents ice limits and magnetic variation?
I believe Kite Foiling will be included in the next Olympics

This development has already totally affected the America’s Cup and may well change competitive sailing forever.

Take a look at this video no You Tube
See you next Sunday
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson