Tamesis Club

Training (working from home ) 21/7

Hi, hope you are well.
Welcome to lesson 7;
Have you got a weather forecast for today ?  What is the wind doing , is it on or off shore ?
If it’s easterly landing can be tricky, we’ll talk about that next week.
Remember I told you about the website Animated knots, have you tried it yet it’s quite fun.  Try figure of eight, bowline, round turn and two half hitches and clove hitch.
Here is us doing knots on the lawn
The instructor is Simon Thompson who also does powerboat training.
We try to keep theory sessions short so we can get back on the water.
Youth sessions usually finish with a session of dodgeball or the whistle game.
This weeks u tube covers Gybeing , it’s quite long because it’s an important skill.
The technique varies from boat to boat, on Oppies it’s actually easier to gybe than tack.
On a 2k the trick is not to move till the boom is far enough over.

Sailors sayings
By and Large
Still with Master and Commander during Aubrey’s court martial his Lieutenant is being questioned about the pursuing boats speed
“Did they (the French) seems to sail much faster than you?”
Answer “ yes both ‘by and large’ ( on and off the wind) “
Incompetent crew
Walking around Bremerhaven we found lots of boats to look at but no supermarkets
I hadn’t yet got hold of a map so back at the yacht club asked one of the members for directions.
He offered to drive me but the first one we found was shut, the next one seemed in the middle of nowhere but he dropped me off indicating the direction back to town!
After an extensive shop I did however manage to find my way back to the boat and even scored a phrase book in a little bookshop.

Yachtmasters Quiz

Answer  2.8 A chart showing wind roses etc is a Routing or Pilot chart
Question 2.9 The range of tides is 4.6 m Estimate the rate of tidal stream at high water
HW tidal stream from table -0632T 2.6kn springs 1.4 kn heaps
Mean spring range 6.1mMean neap range 3.1 m

See you next week
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson