Tamesis Club

Training (Working from home ) 21/9

Hy welcome to lesson 9, hope you are well .

I believe that a sailing club needs three things to succeed , racing , training and social.

If it hadn’t been for Covid we would have had lots of functions throughout the year .

Here’s one we did at my old club to celebrate VE Day. We had spam sandwiches, jelly and ice cream and tried to recreate a street party with lots of music and dancing.

What’s even better is if we can combine social with a bit of sailing as our annual expedition to Hampton Court.  A crowd of us sailed up to the pub (remember them) and Carolyne brought up the non sailors in the launch.

Last we talked about coming ashore.

Here’s one of our youngsters doing a lee shore landing in a Topper, having freed off the sail from the boom.

Recent sailboatty videos have included diagrams showing a circle with a red triangle from 9 till 3 o clock called the no go zone
To understand this we need to think about Points of Sailing
Subject:  Do you know your points of sail?/Inbrief/e-newsletters/News&Events/RYA – Royal Yachting Association.
The key point are that close hauled is exciting, reaching is fast and safe and running needs caution to avoide a gybe.
Sailors Sayings
Give a wide berth is when anchoring next to another boat you need to consider how the boats will move around due to wind or tide and allow space for it.
In the present situation keeping two metres apart while exercising is the rule.
Next week – Bitter end.
Yachtmaster questions:
Answer 2.1  406 Mhz is registered to Falmouth Coast Guard
Question 3.1  What term is used for a craft which has gone aground at the top of a spring tide and has to wait two weeks to float off?
Incompetent Crew
Wednesday (Mittelwoch)
Continental breakfast of boiled egg, ham and cheese and fruit, then down to the sea front to watch the Tall Ships Parade.
It was a bit late so we got a couple of Berliners (jam doughnuts) from a vendor.  This reminded of the time JFK visiting Berlin during the cold war wrongly declared ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’
Don’t forget we’re happy to answer any questions you have.
See you next week.
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson