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Subject: Training (working from home )21/10

Hi, hope you are well.

Welcome to lesson 10
In previous sessions I have mentioned that every Sunday I do a risk assessment covering wind current traffic etc.
I’ve started to look again at a risk assessment for when we eventually start training but think this may still be a bit away
Obviously we’ll watch what happens in schools and expect guidance from the RYA but I want to make sure students, instructors and others are fully involved and informed .
The object of these lessons is to minimise class room time but we can also lecture on the lawn , under the veranda and maybe even in the clubhouse .
We need to think how to man and use the safety boat whilst distancing this probably means we need the ladder to allow people in the water to get onboard unaided .
We always encourage parents to help youngster rig launch and land and we’ll probably encourage families to stick together and adults buddying up .
Need to clean buoyancy aids and boats after use etc.
Please let me have any ideas queries etc
Anyway this week we want to talk about what we call the five essentials
Subject: Five Essentials
Balance is fairly obvious and in a two person boat communication is vital
Trim is hard to spot yourself but if you are too far astern you will see turbulence at the transom .
For centre board try swishing a knife through water you’ll see it’s easier backwards and forward than sideways.
Sail setting deserves more time.
Once you have the boom in about the right position, half way between too far out and too far in, you need to fine tune it by pulling the sail in gently till the Front of the sail just stops fluttering.
Course made good is about putting it all together to get where you want to go as quickly as possible  ie going upstream keep closer to the bank where the current is least, here’s a diagram
Going back to sail setting we use soft sails on the 2ks as the proper sail is too thick to “read” properly
Stewart one of our Assistants is a keen racer but helps out when he can .
Ps note the trim is wrong , which way ?
Sailors sayings
The bitter end is the part of the anchor line that is fixed to the boat through “bits”
I read of a boat where the anchor was fouled on a rising tide and the shackle fixing it to the bits was rusted stuck so the anchor pulled the bow under water
Next week – Mind your Ps & Qs
Youngsters might enjoy making model boats like these
I used to use corks and even walnut shells, plastic might be easier these days.
While working on a building contract near the village of Dunmow I was mooching about one evening and made a boat out of a Benson &Hedges packet to sail on the duck pond
Whilst rescuing it from the reeds on a lee shore I found a plaque commemorating the invention of the unsinkable lifeboat on the pond.
Yachtmaster quiz
A 3.1 Going aground on the top of a high tide is getting neaped
Q 3.2 on what type of ocean chart is a straight line the great circle route.
Incompetent Crew
Because Lady in Blue ‘s home port is Grimsby which is “twinned” with Bremerhaven we get to count as an honorary tall ship so we’re given badges tee shirts and other goodies including free bus travel and entry to many venues.
It was great just to wander around the sea front area looking at boats.
This seems to be an early foiling prototype
Many of the real tall ships were open for tours to raise funds, you could even climb some masts
Stay safe and see you next week
Eric Finlayson