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Last Week 30th March to 5th April

We were able to restart racing on Easter Sunday and to run more racing on Easter Monday.

Sunday was a glorious day and a very good turn out, particularly by the Merlins, produced some excellent racing.  The Laser race was won convincingly by Ros Warwick-Haller with Stewart Colley second and Chris Taggart third.  The Merlins had a very tight battle at the front of the fleet of 14 boats with the lead being swapped about frequently.  Richard Harris , crewed by Emma McDonald, ultimately won with Peter and Richard Mason second and Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts third.  Sadly the N18s were unable to participate.

Monday, by contrast, was very chilly and windy with the occasional desultory micro-flurry of snow!  Four Lasers turned out and Kaan, seemingly relishing the strong conditions, was a convincing winner with Jim Hamilton second and John Edmondson third.  Five Merlins took on the blustery conditions and again there was a tight battle for the lead.  Andrew Harris, crewed by Matty Key, with Joe McLaughlin with Sean Roberts second and Richard and Maddy Harris in third place.  See the photos in News.

It was arranged that Easter Eggs were to be distributed to all competitors on both days.  Victor Ludorum for the weekend was Richard Harris with a 1st and a 3rd.  In second place was Andrew Harris with a 4th and a 1st and in 3rd Joe McLaughlin with a 3rd and a 2nd.

My thanks to John and Jean Meredith for running the racing on Easter Sunday and Peter and Pauline Fryer for running the Monday races.  Thanks also to Clive Mence and Onursal Soyer for manning the Patrol Boat on Sunday and to Mark Gardner and Alan Hall for manning it on Monday.

The swans, which have taken up residence on the promontory, are likely to be sitting on their clutch of 8 eggs for a while.  We understand that disturbing them to the point that they desert the nest constitutes an offence, which we do not want to perpetrate  We are looking at ways of launching and recovering N18s without the risk of alarming the swans or of being attacked.

The missing section of campshedding by the (Gold)Smithy has been replaced and the rotted N18 pier has been fitted with new, wider planking.

Looking Forward

Andrew Harris will be starting  Junior Sailing on Saturday 10th April and is looking forward to a good turn-out.  This will be a regular weekly session which, depending on how the various stages of lockdown are released and summer holidays are allowed, may have a break of which Andrew will give participants due notice.

We will be starting the Summer Points Series next Sunday, 11th April, when we will continue to use our previously established pandemic format.  This will mean that Lasers will launch first from about 10:10 for a start at 10:30.  They will remain on the water until after the Merlin start at 11:30.  The second wave to launch, from about 10:45 for a start at 11:00, will be Toppers, N18s and any boats intending to race in the Handicap Class.  The Merlins will launch from about 11:10 for their start at 11:30.  We have to wait and see how the emergence from Lockdown progresses to decide when we can revert to our normal Start sequence.

The presence of the nesting swans on the promontory is causing difficulty for the launching and recovery of the N18s and we are looking at ways of recovering up the main slip in a Covid compliant way.

Until the Covid social distancing rules are relaxed we will continue to require masthead buoyancy to be attached and any boat racing without it will have its result for that race in the Series voided.

The Annual Laser Quiz Night

On Saturday 24th April, at 7:30 pm, the Laser Quiz is scheduled to take place as a Zoom event.  Peter Johnson has put out an alert on the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp group to establish how many would join in the event and has asked people to respond on the WhatsApp group or, if you are not on that, please let him know by e-mail or phone by the end of this week so that the organisation can be put in place.

The resumption of sailing

For the present, Class racing will use the same starting pattern as we used during the Autumn period.  While the Covid distancing rules remain in force, we will continue to mandate the use of masthead buoyancy and boats racing without masthead buoyancy will be disqualified for that race.

On shore, we still have to comply with the rule of no more than 6 people in a group and the 1 metre distancing rule.  Mixed households in a boat are permitted with due observance of the rules.  If in any doubt, masks should be worn.  Take care to observe these rules whilst preparing, launching and recovering your boats.  Members not sailing are asked to keep clear of the dinghy park while crews are active there.

We will try to fit in as much of the intended Summer programme as possible and some events may be moved from their normal place in the calendar to later dates and some which have normally been two day events may be compressed into one.  Andrew Harris will be starting Junior Sailing on Saturday, 10th April and is looking forward to a good turn-out.  We will launch the Summer Points Series on Sunday, 11th April and the Saga Trophy races on Thursday evenings will start on 6th May.

My thanks to Jim Green for organising the Race Management teams for our first four race days; the Dutyman lists for further into the season will be published as soon as possible.  He has duties confirmed as filled for 4th, 5th, 11th and 18th April which are on the website.  However, he still needs to fill 25th April and beyond and is asking for volunteers to do duties for 25th April and all the May sailing dates including the Sunday and Thursday evening races.  If you can assist by volunteering for any of these dates for either OOD, Box, Launch Driver or Crew, please contact Jim by e-mail at jimgreenhcr@gmail.com.

The exact conditions under which we must operate at any time will be set out in Tammy Matters each week.  From Easter Day the toilets in the Changing Rooms will be available but the showers and changing spaces will not.  We will be opening up the Changing Rooms and starting what catering and bar arrangements we are allowed as soon as it is permissible and we can arrange it  but we must, for the present, comply with the Rule of 6 and 2 Households for all shoreside activity.

I will update the information on the Noticeboard and the Red Banner at each easement date to reflect the RYA interpretation of the current guidance which applies in England and to indicate the next date at which we can expect a further easing of the rules.  Use this link to read the Tamesis Noticeboard.

Planning for the future

Jack’s Trip and Offshore Group Dinner.  Saturday, 29th May 2021 on the Solent.

Daniel Gerber is actively trying to put together a reasonable fleet to partake in Tamesis’ offshore event and will be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining in.  Please do not hesitate to contact him.

We would like to advertise and assess Members’ interest for Jack’s Trip (traditional one day Offshore Group Rally on the Solent) followed by a three course set Offshore Group Dinner at an appropriate venue located on the mainland.

Could interested Members please indicate to Daniel Gerber (daniel@thegerbers.ch) by 14th April 2021 the following:

1) whether they plan to participate in the Offshore Group Rally during the day on Saturday, 29th May, with their own boat (or to charter a boat) and if they have any space available for Members interested in crewing;
2) whether they would be interested / available to crew on a boat;
3) whether they plan to participate in the Offshore Group Dinner in the evening of 29th May.

A programme will be communicated in due time depending on interest and feedback from Members.


Rear Commodore (House)

This Flag Office remains vacant.  A description of what this Office entails is available and I would welcome an approach from anybody who might be prepared to take on this responsibility.

Tammy Natters

Tammy Natters has, for the time being, served its purpose of keeping the Club’s social contacts going.  My thanks to Zoe Adams for instigating and running this enjoyable forum – one that we can restore should we ever again need it.

Resumption of Watersports

Since none of us has been able to use our craft for some time I should remind you that owners of all craft (including canoes and paddleboards) must have a river licence.  Quoted from the EA website
‘If you’re paddling on the non tidal section of the river (Cricklade Bridge to Teddington) yes, you need either a non powered pleasure craft licence available from the environment agency here or join the British Canoeing here. Either of these entitles you to paddle on the non tidal section of the Thames.‘  You might want to check your insurance too.

Advice on casual sailing, for those who wish to go on the river when there is no organised racing, is on the Tamesis Noticeboard.

River conditions

For river flow and level readings at Kingston, which are relevant to our reach, use Gaugemap at
https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1249. or the Environment Agency site at
River Thames Conditions – Environment Agency.

Links for both these sites are also available via ‘Smithy On-line’, on the Home page of the Tamesis website.

Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing, effective 1st January 2021

World Sailing has recently published changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).  If you would like to learn more, Chris Simon from the RYA gave the following talk which provides a very clear explanation.  This video runs just over 1 hour and can be viewed at  2021 racing rules explained by Chris Simon. Int judge & umpire. Member of RYA Racing Rules Committee.


Joanne Zorian, who in normal times runs classes at Tamesis, has a new Zoom Pilates time-table.   (The offer for 4 £10.00 classes at £35.00 remains).

Monday            10:30       60 mins     General           £10
Tuesday            8:00        45 mins     Level 2            £10
Wednesday       10:00       35 mins     General           £5
Friday               10:00       35 mins     Gentle & fun   £5
Saturday           10:00       60 mins     General           £10

If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or joanne@joannezorian.co.uk

Chris Pollard