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Training (working from home) 21/12

Hi hope you are well.

By this stage you would be able to sail away from the wind, across the wind and by tacking, into the wind.
Since there aren’t any other possibilities that means in theory you could sail to Australia.
To practice these skills we would set you a triangular course.
I don’t think there is an audio on this video but it also revises points of sailing –
Have a look at this video on You Tube
We would actually use a course where the reach would be a steady broad reach and the downwind leg a training run

Assuming an offshore wind this is what we’d get you to do.

We’d try to get you to use what you learned about the five essentials.

We provide paddles in some boats and encourage students to use them to get out of difficulty like being lee shored.

We might even give you a chance to do a bit of rowing.

Last week we mentioned being towed , this comes in handy on our annual expedition to Hampton Court

Fun with boats


Sailors sayings 

Dead beat relates to the compass and means the needle quickly settles down to its Correct position .

New one Hunky Dory.

Incompetent Crew

Every day there were various musical events on the Bremerhaven sea front and some exhibitions like this Tug Ballet

And always more boats to look at

Yachtmaster quiz

Answer 3.3 The ground speed is faster

Question 3.4 which international code flag indicate “I need medical assistance “ ?

See you next week

Stay safe

Eric Finlayson