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Training (Working from home ) 21/ 13

Welcome, hope you are well
We have been studying the Covid roadmap and currently hope to be able to restart training around the end of June more details to follow
The RYA syllabus has a very short introduction to racing As follows:
There are two basic types of races, class or handicap.
In class racing everyone uses the same type of boat, Topper, Laser, Merlin etc, everyone starting at the same time and doing a certain number of laps round a course usually finishing at the original start line .
There are two types of handicap either a pursuit race where the slower boats start first and the race finishes after a set time, or a mass start with finishing times being arithmetically adjusted according to something called the Portsmouth Yard Stick.
Because Tammy is such a keen racing club we felt we should be able to offer more detailed Race training so got our RYA contact to run a course for our Instructors.
We can now run Race Training and award certificates .
Racing is a great way to improve skills and make friends.
At first you won’t expect to keep up with the “go fast guys “ but wind up racing against other beginners at the back of the fleet.
Some race meetings are “open” where sailors from other clubs join us.
These are Thames Raters from Thames Sailing Club opposite Ravens Ait in Surbiton
Many Tamesis members regularly go to Salcombe for their Summer regattas

We’ll go into more detail in future sessions but the following video explains the basics

Take a look at this video on You Tube
Subject: The Essential Guide to Sailboat Racing
Sailors Sayings
Hunky Dory is a corruption of a Japanese street name Honcho Dorii which was famous for its Geisha houses
The new one was news to me … Bogey Man.
Fun with boats
Incompetent Crew
Having seen most of the Tall ships we moved on to the William Bauer Submarine museum (a WW2 veteran similar to the one in(the film) Das Boot).
Then thru an Alan Green Ocean Racing Club contact were given a tour of the local lifeboat.
Yachtmaster Quiz
Answer 3.4 Flying flag W Whiskey shows you are in need of medical assistance
Question 3.5 How many sides does a lateen sail have?
Stay safe
See you next week
Eric Finlayson