Tamesis Club

Club racing Sunday 2 May

The forecast was for light winds and so they proved but the occasional patches of breeze kept things interesting and caused places to chop and change.

The club was delighted to see three new crews taking their first steps in to the racing Merlin Rocket fleet and helping to bring a baker’s dozen of Merlins to the start line (including one with a Baker at the helm).  The club’s various Whatsapp groups are the ideal way for helms to highlight their need for a crew and vice-versa.

While the sailing wasn’t physically demanding, it was definitely a challenge of concentration and application.  Fortunately, the Veranda Bar was open and provided an ideal opportunity to sooth any frazzled nerves.

Many thanks to David Jerram for running the box, Garrie Mallen and Robert Blakeborough for crewing the patrol boat, and Team Horwitz for running the Veranda Bar.

Finally, Jonathan Key has kindly provided these pictures: