Tamesis Club

Training (Working from home ) 21/18

Welcome .

This week I’m just going to bang on about the fun side of sailing

We usually try to sail up to Hampton Courtt about now.
Getting under the bridges is tricky but not as hard as this
Subject: How to Get An 85 Ft Mast Under A 65 Ft Bridge
Take a look at this video on You Tube
One of th bridges is particulary nasty
When we had a flubber we tried leaning a pair of boats over it and nipping quickly through but with the dory the gunwales get damaged so we revert to towing up with the masts dropped then re-rigging .
One way or another we try to get everyone to the pub at the same time.
There is a nice little beach to land on at the pub.
Lots of keen racers go to Salcombe for the various fleet regattas.
In my old club many of us just went for fun, I took a Topper just to get from Mill Bay to the yacht club for lunch.
We also took the Topper to Calshott but we didn’t always get good wind.
Sometimes it’s good to be on your own, but sometimes it’s good to be in a crowd.
When Norderney is so crowded you need to raft up with the Grimsby lot.
The rest of the return journey was delayed by mechanical and meteorological difficulties but at least we were stuck in nice places like Lauersoog and Leuwarden .
Don’t forget the Juniors  sail at Tammy on a Saturday and may start ladies social sailing on Thursdays .
So big boat or small , coastal or inland , fair wether or foul
Sailing can be fun
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson