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The website has recently experienced some problems, one of the effects of which was that the News section, amongst others, did not appear to be functioning.  Kaan believes he has resolved these problems but if anyone notices any feature of the website not functioning correctly, please let me know.

Last Week  15th to 21st June

The Thursday evening Saga Trophy race was held in unpleasant conditions; light winds and steadily increasing rain.  5 Lasers, 6 Merlins, 2 N18s and a Firefly challenged the conditions.  Andy Harris was the runaway winner on the water and handicap.  Following this race, Matt P-J cannot be beaten for the series win but there is a five-way scrap for the subsequent places and just the last race to be run.  See John Adams report on the Saga races to date in News.

A big thank you to Team Horwitz, Andrew, Debora and Alden, again for providing a Louisiana Shrimp Creole with Creme Brulee and Cake to follow, which, from the plaudits on WhatsApp, was very well received.  Team Horwitz also ran the Veranda Bar.

My thanks to Richard Harris and Emma McDonald for running the race and to Chris Taggart and Peter Versey for manning the Patrol Boat.

On Saturday, Andrew Harris oversaw Junior Sailing on a grey but rain free afternoon with light winds.  The full fleet was out with the Wayfarer, Laser 2ks, Lasers, Toppers, a Mirror and Optimist; the junior session attracts a great turnout whatever the weather thanks to the enthusiasm engendered by Andrew and his team of assistants.

On Sunday, there was no rain but a feeble, shifting, north-easterly wind and a noticeable stream which made the run against it quite challenging.  The Lasers were out in considerable numbers.  Three N18s competed with Charles Fox, crewed by Robert Blakebrough, winning from Henry Defries, crewed by Carolyne Vines, with Chris Pollard, crewed by Alistair Banks, third.  Eight Merlins raced; Richard Harris, crewed by Emma McDonald, winning with Peter and Richard Mason second and David Baker with Jim Green third.  See the News article by Tim Medcalf.

My thanks to Andrew and Nim Harris, assisted by Tom, for running the races and to Humphrey Dorrel and Ellen Schwartz for manning the Patrol Boat.

Team Horwitz ran another, well patronised, barbeque – and thank you very much to Andrew, Debora and Alden for putting this on for the Members.  This will be their last for a while but it is hoped that someone else might be able to operate it until they are able to return.

Looking Forward

The last of the Saga Trophy Series races will be run this Thursday evening, 7:15 pm start (7:17 for N18s).  Next week (Thursday 1st July) the G.W.Smith Trophy Series will begin which will be contested on Thursday evenings, with the same start times, through July and August.

Andrew Harris’ regular Saturday Junior Sailing session will start at 2:30 pm and for the next three weeks will be looked after by Griff and Matt P-J.  There will be a break during the midsummer period, which Andrew has indicated will be from the end of July, with the sessions restarting in September.

The Cutty Sark Bolt and The Kempton Nut

This coming Sunday, 27th June, sees the running of the annual Cutty Sark Bolt Handicap Pursuit race and its junior equivalent the Kempton Nut.  We hope for an even better turnout than the one we had recently for the Centenary Cup.

The Cutty Sark Bolt race is distinguished by the fact that it is a long-distance race which is fitting given the Cutty Sark’s epic voyages.  There is a rumour that there may also be a lunch of the type that the Cutty Sark’s crew would have enjoyed.  The Bolt, itself, is from the ship and was presented as a Club Trophy by Peter Mason who was involved with the restoration project.  The entry fee of £5 (in CASH please) is to support the on-going upkeep of the ship.

The juniors will compete for the Kempton Nut and will race over a slightly shorter timeframe.  The Nut was presented as a Club Trophy by Peter Simpson and is from one of the Great Engines at the Kempton Pumping Station.

All are welcome, as ever, and start times are published on the website in the News section and also on the WhatsApp groups.  Details of how to book lunches will be circulated on the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp group.

The Summer Points Series will continue the following week (4th July), using our previously established pandemic format.  This will mean that Lasers will launch first from about 10:10 for a start at 10:30.  They will remain on the water until after the Merlin start at 11:30.  The second wave to launch, from about 10:45 for a start at 11:00, will be Toppers, N18s and any boats intending to race in the Handicap Class.  The Merlins will launch from about 11:10 for their start at 11:30.  We have to wait and see how the emergence from Lockdown progresses to decide when we can revert to our normal Start sequence.

We are actively looking at how we can open up the Clubhouse in a way that will be certain to keep the Club compliant with the Regulations.  In the meantime we are able to run Barbeques.


Debora and Andrew Horwitz are planning to run their last evening meal for a while on this coming Thursday, 24th June. They will be preparing a simple menu which will be promulgated on the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp group. If you can give an idea of interest at the following link by Wednesday morning it would be useful:  https://andrewhorwitz.com/tamesis.html.  The cost will be £10 and the food will be served in a box from the window to the right of the Veranda Bar and, whilst the current restrictions are in force, Members will have to eat whilst seated outside.  We are looking to establish a means for publishing Menus and for Members to register their intent to partake of the BBQ and possibly to order ahead of events.

Race Management

David Baker and Jim Green will be running Officer of the Day (OOD) and Box training/familiarisation sessions on Saturday 26th June and Saturday 10th July between 10:00 and approximately12:30.  Members wishing to attend these courses are asked to coordinate with Tim Medcalf at timothymedcalf@yahoo.co.uk as each course will be for 6 people.

Duties for July and onward will be allocated and appear in the Dutyman lists.  It will be the responsibility of individuals to find a substitute for any duty which they are not able to do on an allocated day.  The Club racing is entirely dependent on having Race Management teams to run events.

The Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities

Please remember to check into the Club using the Covid QR code or signing in the book in the Undercroft.

The Changing Rooms are now open but still with a limit of four persons in each at any one time.  There is sanitising spray available which must be used to clean down the benches before and after use.

The Veranda Bar is operating again but the Clubhouse veranda itself must be used only to collect drinks which may only be consumed when you are seated on the lawn or by the waterfront.  When suppers are provided on Thursday evenings, they will be served as ‘Takeaway’ meals in a box from the window to the right of the Veranda Bar.  Once Members have collected their drinks or meals they must leave the veranda to avoid crowding there.

We are not proving to be very good at complying with the distancing and grouping rules when using the Veranda Bar and socialising on the lawn and, until the rules are relaxed, I ask all Members to assist each other to comply with these rules.  We must, for the present, continue to comply with the Rule of 6 and 2 Households for all shoreside activity.  Please remember that we are easily seen from across the river.

The information on the Noticeboard and the Red Banner has been updated.  Use this link to read the Tamesis Noticeboard.

Car Parking

If you do not have a Club Car Park Ticket, or have mislaid yours,  please get one from the Veranda Bar – they are free to Members – just ask!

Now the Club is getting busier again the requirement for car parking is such that people can get blocked in by later arrivals.    The Club has a stock of the Tickets and you are asked to put your name and any other helpful information, such as boat sail no. if you are likely to be out racing.  Members who do not have, or have mislaid, Car Park Tickets should ask for one at the Bar at the earliest opportunity and fill in your details.   Please could everybody put their Car Park Tickets in plain view so that blockages can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Club Boats

We now have a considerable number of Club Boats which are used for training and which are also available for Members who do not yet have their own boats, to use and to get more proficient.  Unlike most other Clubs who charge for hiring Club boats, we like to provide these free to Members to encourage newer sailors to hone their skills and to support our training courses.

The boats do, however, suffer from wear and tear, damage and bits falling off accidentally.  We rely on those who borrow our boats to let us know if a boat has suffered any depredations whilst they have been using it so that we can repair it and make it immediately available for the next person who wishes to use it.  If you are unable to tell somebody of any faults that have arisen whilst you were using a boat, then please report it on the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp, or put a note in the Club letterbox, identifying the boat and the problem.  Also, please pack boats away properly when you have finished using them.  The boat fairy does not exist – they don’t mend themselves or put themselves away.

The Club Boats do incur costs to the Club in the form of Insurance Premiums, River Licences and general upkeep and we rely on you not to abuse the contribution that Club Members make to enable you to use the equipment.


Rear Commodore (House)

This Flag Office remains vacant.  A description of what this Office entails is available and I would welcome an approach from anybody who might be prepared to take on this responsibility.

We are also looking for volunteers, from both new and established Members, to assist with running the Veranda Bar and, when we are able to open the Club fully, with catering.  If you, or any friend who is not a Member of the Club but who would like to help with this please contact any Member of the Management Committee.

Masthead Buoyancy

Until the Covid social distancing rules are completely relaxed we will continue to mandate the use of masthead buoyancy for all sessions and boats racing without masthead buoyancy will be disqualified for that race.

Boat Licences

I would remind you that owners of all craft (including canoes and paddleboards) must have a river licence.  Quoted from the EA website:
‘If you’re paddling on the non-tidal section of the river (Cricklade Bridge to Teddington) yes, you need either a non-powered pleasure craft licence available from the environment agency here or join the British Canoeing here. Either of these entitles you to paddle on the non-tidal section of the Thames.‘  You might also want to check your insurance.

Advice on casual sailing, for those who wish to go on the river when there is no organised racing, is on the Tamesis Noticeboard.

River conditions

For river flow and level readings at Kingston, which are relevant to our Reach, use Gaugemap at
https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1249. or the Environment Agency site at
River Thames Conditions – Environment Agency.

Links for both these sites are also available via ‘Smithy On-line’, on the Home page of the Tamesis website.

Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing, effective 1st January 2021

World Sailing has recently published changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).  If you would like to learn more, Chris Simon from the RYA gave the following talk which provides a very clear explanation.  This video runs just over 1 hour and can be viewed at  2021 racing rules explained by Chris Simon. Int judge & umpire. Member of RYA Racing Rules Committee.


Joanne Zorian, who in normal times runs classes at Tamesis, has a new Zoom Pilates time-table.   (The offer for 4 £10.00 classes at £35.00 remains).

Monday            10:30       60 mins     General           £10
Tuesday            8:00        45 mins     Level 2            £10
Wednesday       10:00       35 mins     General           £5
Friday               10:00       35 mins     Gentle & fun   £5
Saturday           10:00       60 mins     General           £10

If anyone would like any more information they can contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or joanne@joannezorian.co.uk

Chris Pollard