Tamesis Club

Start times for the Cutty Sark Bolt and Kempton Nut on Sunday 27 June

The annual Cutty Sark Bolt and Kempton Nut long distance handicap pursuit races will be taking place on Sunday 27 June.  The Kempton Nut is a race specifically for our Junior sailors and we hope to see another good turn out from this enthusiastic group.  A meal will be available after the racing with a traditional chicken and leek pie and dessert for £10, with a junior option of sausages and vegetables followed by dessert for £6.  The bar will be open.

The Cutty Sark Bolt is a race staged on behalf of the Cutty Sark with all funds from the £5 entry fee being transferred to the charity.  Please don’t forget to bring your entry fee in cash.

The prize is for possibly the only remaining bolt that was removed from the Cutty Sark when it was restored – the rest were apparently melted down – so quite a trophy.

There is no fee for the Kempton Nut competition which has as its prize a particularly impressive nut that was part of the historic steam water pump at Kempton waterworks and was donated by a member who was an engineer involved with the restoration.

Finally, administering the start of a handicap pursuit and then recording the results can be an onerous task for even the most experienced team in the box.

If you are competing, please remember to bring a watch with which you can time your start (set it from the clock being used by the box team); there will not be any preparatory signals so you will need to have a good idea of when your fleet is due to start.

When the finishing signal is given, please remember to hold you position relative to other boats while the final standings are recorded.

Cutty Sark Bolt (senior race)

Kempton Nut times (junior race)