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Last Week  7th to 13th September

The Saturday Junior Sailors had a really good afternoon under the tutelage of Griff Tanner.  17 sailors took advantage of the excellent weather: the three Lasers competed against each other and all had a good time.  We also had some new members join in who came away with smiles on their faces and happy parents who had had the opportunity to relax and socialise by the river.

Following the sailing there was a noisy game of many-a-side table football, possibly fuelled by the delicious cakes and orange squash!  Many thanks to Griff for taking on this important activity for the Club.

There will be no Junior sailing next week as the Merlin Open meeting takes place on Saturday.

On Sunday the Annual Regatta took place in near windless conditions which taxed even the most seasoned of Tamesis sailors.  Despite this, the regatta was a great success.  OOD Matt P-J set a short and simple course appropriate for the conditions and the full racing programme was achieved.  Vice Commodore Peter Johnson won the Laser class, Charles Fox, crewed by Roy Williamson, won the N18 class and Joe McLaughlin, crewed by Sean Roberts, won the Merlin Rocket class.  We welcomed three boats from Minima YC who won the handicap prizes.  See the full report by Tim Medcalf in News.

An innovation at this year’s Regatta was a race for Paddleboards (SUPs).  This reflected the growing strength of the SUP membership. The race was outstanding with 18 entrants, all of whom had a great time and created a real buzz.  Kaan Yargici, piloted by Oscar, was the outright winner but lots of prizes were awarded.  See the full report by Tim Medcalf in News

I would like to thank Matt P-J as OOD and Garrie Mallen for helping in the box, also thanks to Geoff Malseed and Charles Tugendhat for running the patrol boats.  Thank you also to Leah Fraser, SUP Class Captain, for helping to stage the SUP race, and to Nicky Johnson and David Wagner for running the bar.

Saturday 18th September – Tamesis Club Merlin Rocket Open.

There is a large field of entries for this event and although the race management is fully covered there is a shortage of people to help run the bar and barbeque, both of which are integral to the success of the day.  If anyone is able to help with either of these please contact Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com as soon as possible.

We continue our period of considerable sailing activity at the Club with the following events which are in the Events Calendar on the Tamesis website.

Sunday 19th September – Claude Russell Cup for N18s in parallel with Summer Points Series for Lasers and Merlins.

25th and 26th September – A Raters weekend at Tamesis Club in parallel with Summer Points Series racing on Sunday 26th September.

2nd October – N18 Inland Championships.

3rd October – Tamesis Club Laser Barometer Open Meeting.


We are looking into the possibility of offering Patrol Boat training in the near future to increase our pool of potential Patrol Boat drivers.  More information on this at a later date.


We are continuing to determine whether we can develop a new model for providing food at the Club which will relieve our dependence on volunteers to cook.

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

The Race Management team for each sailing day is published on the Dutyman System and you will get an e-mail reminder about a week before your allocated Duty.  You are reminded that it is most important for Members who are allocated Duties by Dutyman to confirm their availability to attend in Dutyman (in the dropdown list under ‘Sailing’ on the website) well in advance of their Duty.  Otherwise we will have uncertainties and someone might have to stand-in for an absentee at short notice, as has happened.  If a Member knows they can’t perform their allocated duty they should request a swap using the Dutyman swap facility.  It is the responsibility of individuals to find a substitute to do any Duty which they are not able to do.  Please remember to check the Club’s Dutyman system to see if you are rostered for a Duty.


The Paddleboards stored in the Boatshed need to be identified using indelible marker to allow us to keep track of who is storing a Board and where.  We have passed the date at which we asked you to identify your Boards.  If you cannot get to the Club to identify your Board, please make contact with Leah via the SUP WhatsApp Group.  We will remove and store any unmarked Boards and release them on identification.  Brian Harper-Lewis has put a marker pen in a pot to the left of the rafter Paddleboard storage for you to mark your Boards.  The charges for Paddleboard Membership and Board storage have been finalised and will be published in the Membership area on the website.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga from the Club as a Concessionary Club activity.


Information on the following topics has been moved to the Noticeboard.

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences.

Advice on casual sailing, for those who wish to go on the river when there is no organised racing, is also on the Tamesis Noticeboard.

River Conditions

For river flow and level readings at Kingston, which are relevant to our Reach, use Gaugemap or River Thames Conditions.  Links for both these sites are available via ‘Smithy On-line’, on the Home page of the Tamesis website.

Chris Pollard