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It has been reported that while the Skipper of The River Thames Boat Project’s Thames Discoverer was embarking some elderly clients, a Club Member approached them and questioned their right to be on the Club premises.  The Club Management has allowed the Boat Project to moor alongside at Tamesis to embark clients provided the Boat Project staff have confirmed that their activities do not conflict with any of ours, as they had done for the day concerned.  Since many of their clients have mobility issues they have also been granted leave to park their client’s transport in our Car Park while they are on an authorised trip.

I can report that Eddy Simmonds, who collapsed whilst visiting the Club remains in Kingston Hospital undergoing treatment and it is intended to keep him in for another week at least.  We wish him well and are keeping in touch with Marie about his progress.

Last Week  5th to11th October

On Saturday, thirteen Juniors sailed in the Laser 2ks, Lasers and Toppers, in very light winds, under the eye of Griff Tanner and his assorted helpers.  The session ended with pierhead jumps to nowhere.  I should like to thank Griff and his team of Matt P-J, Chris Wade and Ken Duffel for giving their time for this important aspect of the Club’s activities.  Also thank you to Suzy Balmbro for the provision of tea with cakes.

On Sunday, the Laser and N18 fleets raced (if you can call it that) in the lightest and most frustrating of winds.  The hoped-for 6 laps for both fleets was shortened to one and a half to finish the races after about an hour.  The Laser race was won by Ellen Schwartz, with Henry Medcalf second and Chris Taggart third.  The N18 race was won by Charles Fox, crewed by Robert Blakebrough, with Chris Pollard, crewed by Alistair Banks, second and Henry Defries, crewed by Carolyne Vines, third.

The Merlins set off in the same dismal conditions which the other two classes had suffered but, just as the N18s finished, a decent breeze sprang up and they completed their race in good conditions.  Joe McLaughlin, crewed by Sean Roberts, came first with Andy Harris, crewed by Matty Key, second and David Baker, crewed by Jim Green, third.

I should like to thank Richard Harris as OOD, assisted by Emma McDonald in the Box, with thanks also to Brian Corking and Neville Upton for running the Patrol Boat.  Thank you also to Nicky Johnson who ran Phil’s Bar with the assistance of David and Yann.

Future events

Junior Sailing. will be held next week and the following week the season will come to its climax with the Topper Open Meeting on Saturday 23rd October.  Junior Sailing will resume in the Spring.

Sunday 17th October our Winter Series continues and will run until the end of March, with breaks on:

24th October, for the Trafalgar Trophy Pursuit Race and

7th November, when the Trowlock Trophy Pursuit Race will be held.

Saturday 30th October, The postponed N18 Inland Championships, combined with the Adelaide Cup and Tamesis Anchor Trophies, have been rescheduled.

There are a number of canoe and rowing events which will affect our racing on some Sundays of which we must take note.

Catering and Bar

Every endeavour has been made this year, by a small and very willing team of volunteers made up of Club Members and paid staff, to meet the many catering requirements.  However, the quality of our catering and whether we should be providing any has been questioned.  We will, therefore, not be providing further weekend catering whilst the way forward is being determined.  Phil’s Bar will, however, continue to be manned each Sunday.

Nicky Johnson has been filling the role of Rear Commodore House for eighteen months beyond the normal tenure as nobody has stepped forward to take the office but she now feels it is time to step down.  We would like a Member to come forward and take up the mantle of Rear Commodore House or possibly for a group to share the role.  Anyone who feels they might consider this office and would like more information should contact me.

Until such a time that the role is taken on, where there is an Open Meeting or equivalent please contact Nicky to discuss requirements and she will be very happy to help.  There are also two club suppers/talks organised for 28th October 21 and 13th January 22 for which catering is already arranged and there is a plan to have a Christmas drinks party, details of which will be promulgated later.

Patrol Boat Training

Simon Thompson will be running the first Patrol Boat training session on Saturday, 30 October and this course is already full.  There will be a second course, also full, on 13th November and there is the intention to run more courses and, again, information on these will be disseminated via the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp Group.

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

The Race Management team for each sailing day is published on the Dutyman System and you will get an e-mail reminder about a week before your allocated Duty.  You are reminded that it is most important for Members who are allocated Duties by Dutyman to confirm their availability to attend in Dutyman (in the dropdown list under ‘Sailing’ on the website) well in advance of their Duty.  Otherwise we will have uncertainties and someone might have to stand-in for an absentee at short notice, as has happened.  If a Member knows they cannot perform an allocated Duty it is their responsibility to request and establish a swap using the Dutyman swap facility.  Please remember to check the Club’s Dutyman system to see if you are rostered for a Duty.


The Paddleboards stored in the Boatshed need to be identified, using indelible marker, to allow us to keep track of who is storing a Board and where.  We have passed the date by which we had asked you to identify your Boards.  If you cannot get to the Club to identify your Board, please make contact with Leah via the SUP WhatsApp Group.  We will remove and store any unmarked Boards and release them on identification.  Brian Harper-Lewis has put a marker pen in a pot to the left of the rafter Paddleboard storage for you to mark your Boards.  The charges for Paddleboard Membership and Board storage have been finalised and will be published in the Membership area on the website.

It has been noted that some Paddleboarders are leaving the Boatshed door open whilst they are out on the water.  Please do not do this.  It leaves the Boatshed insecure and there has been a spate of thefts from riverside locations recently.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga from the Club as a Club activity.

The enclosure of the Gents undercroft is complete and the interior fitting out will be done soon.

Boat Park Furniture

Most boat owners prop their boats ‘bow up’ to promote drainage off their covers.  The props used vary from wooden trestles to old tyres.  There has been a recent case where a Member had a constructed prop removed from under the bow of his boat but he found it propping up another boat.  It is suggested that boat owners identify props with their name and boat number and it is requested that boat owners do not remove props from other people’s boats to prop up their own.

Boat Park Clutter Reduction

The Club has separated those trailers which have been matched with owners, but there are still several unidentified ones – Members MUST identify and mark up their trailers – otherwise they will be removed and either sold or scrapped!!!   There are also some unoccupied launching trolleys which may meet the same fate.  Target date for completion of this is the end of October.


Information on the following topics has been placed on the Noticeboard.

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences.

Advice on Casual Sailing, for those who wish to go on the river when there is no organised racing, is also on the Tamesis Noticeboard.

Chris Pollard