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Last Week  19th to 25th October

The Topper Open meeting was held on Saturday 23rd October.  The unfortunate combination of very little wind and a considerable stream made for difficult conditions.  However, the young sailors, including ten of our Club Juniors, for many of whom it was their first race, battled with the conditions and a result was forthcoming with Arun Seibert-Patel coming a creditable fourth against more experienced helms.  My congratulations to all those who took part.  Thanks are due to Andrew Harris as OOD, assisted by Nim in the Box, and to Rupert Fletcher and Jim Hamilton for running the Patrol Boat.  See Report by Carolyne Vines, who also ran the bar, in News.

On Sunday, we held the annual Trafalgar Trophy pursuit race.  At first it looked as if we were faced with similar conditions to those experienced by the Toppers the day before.  However, right on time a reasonable wind got up and although it was gusty and very variable in direction, good racing was possible and the Trophy was won by Richard Harris, crewed by Emma McDonald, with Peter and Richard Mason second, both these being Merlins, with Matt P-J, crewed by Kaan Yargici, third in their N18 Ultra.

I should like to thank Stewart Colley as OOD, assisted by Matt Dalton in the Box, with thanks also to George Barber and Sophie Harrison for running the Patrol Boat.  Thank you also to David who, again, ran Phil’s Bar.

This Week

Thursday  28th October.  There will be a Club Supper followed by a Talk by Mark Laity on his book about 150 years of sailing on the Thames.  An early start at 7pm for supper at 7:15 and the Talk at 8pm.  Details for booking have been promulgated on Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp Group.

Saturday 30th October. The postponed N18 Inland Championships, combined with the Adelaide Cup and Tamesis Anchor Trophies, will take place.  Patrol Boat training will also be conducted as scheduled.

Sunday 31st October. This is the day the RNLI Christmas stand will be at the Club and we are hoping for an appearance by the Teddington Lifeboat. There will be a Fish lunch available for which you should book with Nicky at nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com .

The Outrigger Canoe Club has a Half River Closure on our side of the river this Sunday but, with their collaboration, we will be running our Winter Series Races.  The time of the Laser Start will be delayed until the Canoes have passed the Club after starting – at approximately 10:50.  In discussion with the Outriggers, they will start, in two or three waves, approximately 5 minutes apart, from 10:30, from a line at the downstream end of Trowlock Island to reduce the likelihood of their clashing and running into our jetties. They will race up to Hampton Court and back.  Anticipated finish times, at the RCC pontoon, should be between 50 and 75 minutes after starting.  Coming back, they will be mostly in ones and twos – so much easier to avoid!  We will place an observer boat at the upstream end of our course to give warning of returning Canoes.

There will be an afternoon Outrigger race which will start from the RCC pontoon and go up to Ravens Ait and back.   Two or three race starts anticipated.

Future events

Our Winter Series will continue until the end of March.

Sunday 7th November. The Trowlock Trophy Pursuit Race will be held.

Patrol Boat Training

Simon Thompson will be running the first Patrol Boat training session on Saturday, 30th October and this course is already full.  There will be a second course, also full, on 13th November and there is the intention to run more courses and, again, information on these will be disseminated via the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp Group.

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

It is most important for Members who are allocated Duties by Dutyman to confirm their availability to attend in Dutyman (in the dropdown list under ‘Sailing’ on the website) well in advance of their Duty.  If this is not done we will have uncertainties and someone might have to stand-in for an absentee at short notice, as has happened in the past.  If a Member knows they cannot perform an allocated Duty it is their responsibility to request and establish a swap using the Dutyman swap facility.  Please remember to check the Club’s Dutyman system to see if you are rostered for a Duty.


It has been noted that some Paddleboarders are leaving the Boatshed door open while they are out on the water.  Please do not do this.  It leaves the Boatshed insecure and there has been a spate of thefts from riverside locations recently.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga from the Club as a Club activity.

The enclosure of the Gents undercroft is complete and the interior fitting out will be done soon.

Boat Park Clutter Reduction

The Club has separated those trailers which have been matched with owners.  There are still several unidentified ones.  Members MUST identify and mark up their trailers – otherwise they will be removed and either sold or scrapped!!!   There are also some unoccupied launching trolleys which may meet the same fate.  The target date for completion of this is 31st October – less than a week away.


Information on the following topics has been placed on the Noticeboard.

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences.

Advice on Casual Sailing, for those who wish to go on the river when there is no organised racing, is also on the Tamesis Noticeboard.

Chris Pollard