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Security at the Club

I went to the Club on Monday morning and found that the outer door of the Ladies changing room was left open and the outer door of the Gents was also left open, with the inner door wedged open.  I am aware that the keypad lock on the Gents is not always reliable and this is being looked into but, in the meantime, please could the last people in the changing rooms (or those who think they may be the last) close both doors as they leave.

Last Week,  25th to 31st January

Sunday’s races were again contested in a desperately light wind which never seemed to decide where it was coming from.  The haul to the Canbury Mark was challenging but the separation of the Enterprise start from that of the N18s reduced the confusion.  Seven Lasers competed with Henry Medcalf winning, from Ros Warwick-Haller, second, followed closely by Stewart Colley, third.  There were six Enterprises racing this week.  Their race was won by Ed Mayley, crewed by Sarah, with Robin Broomfield, crewed by Paul Broomfield, second, and Alex Cane, crewed by David Cane, third – all from Minima.  The N18s faced conditions in which they are not very nimble but were able to complete two laps despite going backwards on some occasions, Chris Pollard, crewed by Caroline Stillwell, won with Henry Defries, crewed by Carolyne Vines, second.  Ten boats contested the Merlin race, which was the fifth of the Traveller sub-series though there were no visiting boats this week.  Peter Mason, crewed by Richard Mason, won, with Andrew Harris, crewed by Matty Key, second and Tim Medcalf, crewed by Jennifer Falconer-Hall, third.  Everyone stayed in their boats this week.

My thanks to Matt Dalton as OOD, assisted by Alistair Banks in the Box, the hooter system having been sorted.  Also thanks to Chris Taggart and Johannes Wagner for manning the Patrol Boat and to Chloe and Yaan who ran Phil’s Bar.

Thanks also to Alaphia who provided a lunch of chicken and mushroom pie followed by baked apple and custard.  A vegetarian option was also available.

This Week

Our Winter Series, with the embedded Merlin Traveller and Guest Enterprise limited Series, will continue until the end of March.  It is to be hoped that we will continue to be able to provide some degree of hospitality.

This coming Sunday, Alaphia will be providing a full lunch, the menu and price to be published later during the week on WhatsApp.  It is hoped that she will be able to continue to provide more full Sunday lunches during the year and this will be confirmed by announcements on the Club and Sailing WhatsApp groups or in Tammy Matters.

Future Events  Depending on Covid conditions there are several events scheduled.

A Club Supper and Talk is planned to take place on Thursday 3rd March.  This will be kept under review depending on the progress of the pandemic.

The First Aid Course on 6th February is fully subscribed.

A provisional date for the 2021 Prizegiving is Sunday 20th February, to be held after sailing and lunch that day.  This will be confirmed in the near future.

The Vice Commodore’s Dinner is currently planned to take place on Saturday 2nd April.

AGM on 27th February. 

This year we have nominations for most, although not all, of the Offices which will become vacant.  The existing management structure may be reviewed, following the results of the Membership Survey which are still being analysed, and the scope of various Offices may be adjusted.

The meeting is to be in the Clubhouse as usual but a Zoom link is to be arranged for those who cannot or would rather not attend in person.

Membership Survey

The results of the Survey have yet to be analysed and we will present the findings to Club Members, most probably in a weekday Club Zoom session hosted by Kaan Yargici (who is also keen to show some stats from the website and Tammy Matters).

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

It is most important for Members who are allocated Duties by Dutyman to confirm their availability to attend in Dutyman (in the dropdown list under ‘Sailing’ on the website) well in advance of their Duty.  If this is not done we will have uncertainties and someone might have to stand-in for an absentee at short notice, as has happened in the past.  If a Member knows they cannot perform an allocated Duty it is their responsibility to request and establish a swap using the Dutyman swap facility.  Please remember to check the Club’s Dutyman system to see if you are rostered for a Duty.


If anyone, who hasn’t done so already, would like to join the Tamesis SUP WhatsApp Group, please ask Leah via the ‘Contact Us’ link on the website.

Paddleboarders, please do not leave the Boatshed door open while you are out on the water.  It leaves the Boatshed insecure and there has been a spate of thefts from riverside locations recently.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga as a Club activity.


The Club’s 2022 RYA training and children’s camps calendar appears under the new ‘RYA Training’ tab on the front page of the website.  As well as their dates, you will find a short explanation of the courses, how they will be run, and the costs.  New in 2022 are a children’s camp in April, five summer children’s camps and concentrated weekend courses for adult RYA Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications.

The RYA adult training courses and children’s holiday camps are already booking up with a number of dates now full.  If you are interested, details are available here: https://www.tamesisclub.co.uk/rya-training/ and Tim Medcalf will be happy to answer any questions you may have, his number is 07768 018972.


The Tamesis Noticeboard is now being used to show information on the following topics.

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Advice on Casual Sailing and Paddleboarding, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences, Pilates and Works.

Chris Pollard