Tamesis Club

Eunice Strikes!

Storm Eunice arrived on Friday 18th at Tammy with a vengeance. A view from the Surrey bank revealed an Enterprise up ended on its transom standing like an SUP , a Merlin magically moved from its berth desperate for a sail but tripped on its way to the slipway and turned turtle with its mast ripped from its upright position ended up like a drowned whale between the two pontoons. In the N18 park there was one thrown off its trolley lying on its side , another turned over with its mast like a fishing rod in the water, both boats uprooting their ground anchors.

This Photo and feature header    Alexey Anatskiy

WhatsApp enabled us to rally up several willing members within the hour to help sort out the worst , before returning at 10.00 am Saturday to complete the task after the wind had subsided ( a little!).

N18 Rhapsody, with its mast resting in the water, was returned to its trolley after first replacing its split jockey wheel , the other N18, The Goose Drank Wine, after fitting a second new wheel to its trolley, was repositioned to face the prevailing wind , both boats were then anchored securely again.

The Merlin, Make It So, was retrieved with the help of Griff donning his dry suit and John A wearing his sailing gear ( no he wasn’t about to go for a spin!) and emptied of some very muddy water via the transom flaps. Fortunately she suffered remarkable little damage apart from a small hole in the hull and slight damage to one gunnel .

Photo    Tim Medcalf

All in all a lucky escape for many but saved by some very willing members, Griff, Tim, P J, John A, Barney, Stewart, Jim H, Marcus, Sean, Paul J, David B, Mal, Brian, Philippe.

Report by Peter Johnson