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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in the Clubhouse with a zoom link for those who could not be present.  The Meeting was chaired by the Commodore who thanked the Members and Officers of the Club for their support and enthusiasm in keeping the Club lively during another difficult year.  The Treasurer reported that the Club was in a secure financial state. Those Officers nominated for the coming year were duly elected and the Class Captains identified.  The Commodore presented the Hon Secretary, Rupert Fletcher, with a silver pen to mark the Club’s appreciation of his completing 25 years in that Office.

Last Week,  22nd to 28th February

This Sunday’s races were contested in a strongish southerly wind which appeared to have occasional lulls, combined  with a moderate stream.  Nine Lasers started this week with Marcus Chavasse winning, Matty Key second and Jim Hamilton third. The Enterprise race, contested by five boats this week, was won by Ed Mayley, crewed by Rob Mayley, with Alex Cane, crewed by David Cane, second and Robin Broomfield, crewed by Diane Keighley, third.  A lone reefed Topper, helmed by Lyra Wade, represented the Handicap Class but there were no N18s racing this week.   Seven Merlins entered the tenth of the Traveller sub-series and the race was won by Joe McLaughlin, crewed by Sean Roberts, with David Baker, crewed by Jim Green, second and Stewart Jenkins, crewed by Nicola Scaddan, third.

My thanks to Charles Fox as OOD, assisted by Robert Blakebrough in the Box.  Also thanks to Simon Thompson and Holly Rosevear for manning the Patrol Boat, to David and Yaan who ran Phil’s Bar and to Chloe who helped Alaphia in the Kitchen.

Thanks again to Alaphia who, this week, provided a lunch, for 40, of Beef Stew and Mash, followed by Crumble, before the AGM.

This Week

Our Winter Series, with the embedded Merlin Traveller and Guest Enterprise limited Series, will continue until the end of March.  The Enterprise fleet has also decided to continue sailing with us until near the end of March.

For the next two Sundays, 6th and 13th March, Alaphia is unable to cook lunches ‘on the day’, but will be preparing lunches for finishing and serving on each of those days.  Next Sunday will be a Beef Ragu and Pasta followed by Ice Cream and Hot Butterscotch Sauce – there will be a Veggie option.

Proposed Changes to Race Schedule to be trialled from 13th March 2022 and for implementation from the start of the 2022 Summer Series.

We propose to develop Sunday racing while retaining what we have now in terms of Series.  All races will be “lap” races with competitors finishing when they next cross the finish line after the lead boat.

To this end, there will be a 45+ minute race each week that counts towards the current points and handicap trophies.  We will call it the White Race Series.

The Club will also run another series of shorter fleet races (30 mins lead boat) which will form a Blue Race Series.  There will be prizes for the Blue Series.

The combined results from the White and Blue Race Series, will count towards the award of a new set of trophies (one each for the Merlin Rocket, Laser and N18 fleets).

The timings will fit within the current OOD roster timing with a view to the last sailors being in the Clubhouse for lunch by 1pm.

09.30 OOD and team arrive to set up

10.30 Merlin Rocket Blue Race start

10.35 Laser Blue Race start

10.40 N18, Enterprise, Handicap Blue Race start

Blue races complete by 11.25 (30 minutes lead boat).

11.30 Merlin Rocket White Race start

11.35 Laser White Race start

11.40 N18, Enterprise, Handicap White Race start

White Races complete by 12.30 (45 minutes lead boat – OOD to consider giving them a bit longer if the conditions warrant it or a Trophy Race is to be contested).  Boats off water typically by 12.40.

We plan to communicate the changes effectively to Race Management Teams and to Racers using the Club website, WhatsApp groups and directly (on Sundays before and after racing).

Future Events – Depending on Covid conditions there are several events scheduled.

A Club Supper and Talk is now planned to take place on Thursday, 17th March.  This will be kept under review.

The Vice Commodore’s Dinner is currently planned to take place on Saturday, 2nd April.

Membership Survey

The results of the Survey have yet to be analysed and we will present the findings to Club Members, most probably in a weekday Club Zoom session hosted by Kaan Yargici (who is also keen to show some stats from the website and Tammy Matters).

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

It is most important for Members who are allocated Duties by Dutyman to confirm their availability to attend in Dutyman (in the dropdown list under ‘Sailing’ on the website) well in advance of their Duty.  If this is not done we will have uncertainties and someone might have to stand-in for an absentee at short notice, as has happened in the past.  If a Member knows they cannot perform an allocated Duty it is their responsibility to request and establish a swap using the Dutyman swap facility.  Please remember to check the Club’s Dutyman system to see if you are rostered for a Duty.


If anyone, who hasn’t done so already, would like to join the Tamesis SUP WhatsApp Group, please ask Leah via the ‘Contact Us’ link on the website.

Paddleboarders, please do not leave the Boatshed door open while you are out on the water.  It leaves the Boatshed insecure and there has been a spate of thefts from riverside locations recently.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga as a Club activity.


The Club’s 2022 RYA Training and Children’s Camps calendar appears under the new ‘RYA Training’ tab on the front page of the website.  As well as their dates, you will find a short explanation of the courses, how they will be run, and the costs.  New in 2022 are a Children’s Camp in April, five summer Children’s Camps and concentrated Weekend Courses for adult RYA Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications.

The RYA Adult Training Courses and Children’s Holiday Camps are booking up fairly quickly with a number of dates now full.  If you are interested, details are available here:  https://www.tamesisclub.co.uk/rya-training/ and Tim Medcalf will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  His number is 07768 018972.


The Tamesis Noticeboard is now being used to show information on the following topics.

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Advice on Casual Sailing and Paddleboarding, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences, Pilates and Works.

Chris Pollard