Tamesis Club

Super Drifty May Merrie at Minima YC

Ollie Housemen and Eglė Tumosaitė quickly opened up a big lead

We were all hoping against hope that the forecast 3-5 knot wind would turn out to be at least double that.  However, Peter Impey, Merlin Class Captain  and crew Alison Cooper stuck to their guns and were duly towed up for the race this afternoon.  Seven boats turned out – three merlins and four enterprises coming from a mix of Minima, Tamesis, Chew Valley and Twickenham YC.

The struggle to beat up river

The course is supposed to be run upstream to Hampton Court bridge, but this was impossible in the light easterly.  Ollie Houseman and Eglė Tumosaitė  in the merlin from Chew Valley SC very quickly established a big lead but still took two hours to finish the shortened course.  Peter Impey and Alison Cooper finished fourth, seconds behind the boat in front of them.

Still smiling – Peter and Alison

We towed Peter and Alison up behind Tamesis III and we delighted to be joined by Alistair Banks on arrival.  Thanks to Alistair for taking the pictures of the racing,   Thanks to Minima for hosting a great day out.

Cover photo: Peter Impey.   Robin Broomfield, Commodore MYC,  presents the trophy to Ollie Houseman and Eglė Tumosaitė