Tamesis Club

April star performers

We plan to celebrate, in Club race reports, the success of the best “in-month” performers that we identify in both the Blue and White Series as we go through the summer.

April was a short but sweet start to the Summer Series, with only two series racing days, on the 3rd and 10th of the month, before other entertainments in the form of the Easter Egg Pursuit Handicap and the Firefly Open intervened.

Star performers of the month were as follows.


Laser – Marcus Chavasse
Merlin Rocket – White Saucerer (Rob & Lucy Hatley)
National 18 – Antedote (Chris Pollard & Alistair Banks)


Laser – Marcus Chavasse
Merlin – Avenger (Ken Duffell & Joe Woods)
N18 – Antedote (Chris Pollard & Alistair Banks)
Congratulations to all concerned, and keep up the good work.