Tamesis Club

Notice to competitors Blue Series and White Series start times amended for 12th June.

On 12th June 2022 there will be a partial river closure in place on our reach until 14.00 for a Royal Canoe Club event.  They will also be using the Tamesis Club car park.  Please do not use our car park before 11.00.

Start times on 12th June 2022 will be as follows.

BLUE Series

14.25 First warning signal for Blue Series
14:30 Merlin Rocket Blue Series Start
14:35 ILCA (Laser) Blue Series Start
14:40 National 18, Enterprise, Handicap Blue Series Start

WHITE Series
15:25 First warning signal for White Series
15:30 Merlin Rocket White Series Start
15:35 ILCA (Laser) White Series Start
15:40 National 18, Enterprise, Handicap White Series Start