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Unpredictable Cutty Sark Bolt 2022

The weather had cooled down quite a bit from the heatwave during the week, and the wind was blowing quite hard from the south and gusting from everywhere else.  This caused several capsizes but no retirements.


The scene upstream. Photo: Alastair Banks

OOD Peter Mason set a course upstream of Stevens Ait with a spinnaker run to below the club, but in sight.  Eleven boats set out at different times – slowest class starting first which was the Lasers, followed by a single Albacore, then lastly the Merlin Rockets being the fastest class.

David Baker and Barbara Adams. Photo: Alastair Banks
Photo: Vines
Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts in Sublime. Photo: Alastair Banks
Ken Duffel and Joe Woods in Avenger  Photo; Alastair Banks
Marcus Chavasse.  photo: Vines
Photo: Vines
Andrew Harris and Sara Warren in Point Break.  photo: Alastair Banks



Jon Redding lead the Lasers throughout, and was nearly caught by Andrew Harris and Sara Warren in Merlin Rocket Point Break at the finishing hooter at 1230.  Matty Valentine was first Junior in his Laser winning the Kempton Nut.

Competitors’ donations of a total of £87 are going to the Maritime Museum – home of the Cutty Sark from whence came the Bolt.


Cutty Sark Bolt

1st Laser 188044  Jon Redding

2nd Merlin Rocket 3625  Andrew Harris and Sara Warren

3rd Laser 197213  Marcus Chavasse

4th Laser 171688 Matt Valentine

Kempton Nut

1st Laser 171688 Matt Valentine

Many thanks to Peter and Rick Mason for running the box, Robin Ince and Alex Dean in the Patrol Boat.

Peter Mason presenting Jon Redding with the Cutty Sark Bolt.  Photo: Zoe Adams
Peter Mason presenting Matt Valentine with the Kempton Nut. Photo Zoe Adams

The prizegiving took place during lunch. Peter Mason who donated the Bolt which is the only remaining original bolt from the Cutty Sark gave an amusing and informative talk about Cutty Sark, relating also to the Kempton Nut which came from the Kempton Park Pumping Station and was donated by the late Peter Simpson who volunteered there.

The planned lunch taken from the Cutty Sark weekly menu had to be postponed as Alaphia was unwell.  We hope she feels much better very soon.

Instead we enjoyed the surplus from the Summer Party the night before.  Many thanks to Chloe, Josie, Charlotte and Sophie for keeping us fed and watered.

Photos as credited.  Front cover Alastair Banks