Tamesis Club

GW Smith Trophy Thursday 21st July

The heatwave continued and we were treated to another glorious sunny evening with gusts mostly from the east that created very satisfying bow waves.

The course was a short in front of the club with an upstream start.  The relatively small fleet got away to a clean start and separated quickly.


Merlin Avenger sailed by Ken Duffell and Matt Valentine got away from the Lasers, and was able to cross the line before National 18’ Genevieve sailed by Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough. The corrected results are shown below.

1st:  Genevieve N 18  Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough

2nd: Laser Henry Medcalf

3rd:  Merlin Rocket Avenger  Ken Duffell and Matt Valentine

4th:  Laser  Jim Hamilton

5th:  Merlin Rocket Indecision  Tim Barr and John Adams

6th:  Laser Stewart Colley

7th:  Laser Alexey Anatskiy


Thanks to Jim Green and Alastair Banks  in the box and Humphrey Dorrell and Ian Wyatt in the Patrol Boat for a very enjoyable race.

Chloe, Josie and Alice prepared a perfect supper of quiche and salads followed by Eton Mess.  Thanks to them for rounding the evening off so well.