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Last Week – 26th July to 1st August

On Thursday we held the fourth of this year’s G.W.Smith Trophy races.  There was a variegated entry of seven boats, two Merlins, three Lasers, a Solo and an L2K trainer.  The wind was a brisk South-southeasterly and Charlie Morgan, crewed by Ben Morgan, romped away and lapped the entire rest of the field at the finish.  Tim Barr, crewed by John Adams, was second and Joe McLaughlin in his Solo was third.

My thanks to Rupert Fletcher as OOD, assisted by Alexey Anatskiy in the Box, and to Neville Upton and Jonathan Key for manning the Patrol Boat.  My thanks to Chloe, Josephine and Alice who provided a supper of quiche with salads followed by Eton Mess after the race and looked after the Bar.

See the full report by Carolyne Vines in News, together with the results.

On Sunday, the Summer Series 13 races were run in a gusty Westerly breeze which made for some interesting fluctuations in the wind direction on the river, particularly at the Canbury and Lensbury Marks.  Five Merlins entered the Blue race which was won by Peter Mason, crewed by Veronique Medcalf, with Tim Barr, crewed by A Croker, second and Rupert Fletcher, crewed by J-Yu.  Seven Merlins entered the White race which was won by Richard Harris, crewed by Ian Ramage, with Peter Mason, crewed by Veronique Medcalf, second and David Baker, crewed by Carolyne Vines, third.

Four Lasers contested the Blue race which was won by Matty Key with Mattie Valentine second and Peter Konidaris third.  The White race was contested by three Lasers and this was won by Matty Key with Mattie Valentine second and John Kemp third.

A single N18, sailed by Chris Pollard, crewed by Caroline Stilwell, along with Peter Bide, crewed by Charlie Harvey, in and Enterprise entered both the Blue and White N18/Handicap races.

See the Report by Carolyne Vines in News.

My thanks to Chris Balmbro, as OOD assisted John Edmondson in the Box.  Also thank you to Mark Gardener and Ian Wyatt for manning the Patrol Boat.

Thanks also to Alaphia who cooked a lunch  Many thanks to Alaphia, Chloe and Charlotte, our newest catering assistant, in the kitchen and Josie and David in the Bar.

See the full report by Carolyne Vines in News.

This Week – 2nd to 8th August

Thursday, 4th August, sees the continuation of our Thursday evening racing with the fifth of the G.W.Smith Trophy races.  This year there are 8 races in the Series with 5 being needed to qualify.  A supper will be served after the racing.

The Sunday Blue and White Series 14 races will be held as normal.

The first of our five week-long Junior Summer Camps starts this week.  Many thanks to Tim Medcalf who has organised worked on populating these courses which are almost fully subscribed.

Buoyancy Aids

Although Club Members who sail frequently are expected to have their own Buoyancy Aids, The Club holds a considerable number for the use of the Training Courses and newer Members who are at the beginning of their sailing experience.  We are currently considering options for making these more accessible whilst maintaining their security.  Further information on the outcome of these deliberations will be published as soon as possible.

Social Saturday

Now that the weather is expected to be warmer, we encourage Members to come down to the Club on Saturday afternoons for a social sail, to paddleboard or just to enjoy the river-front.  Social Saturdays will run during the summer months, depending on demand.  We plan to arrange for volunteers to open the Bar on most Saturdays – allowing you to choose simply to come down for a drink and a chat. If you would like to go out but would prefer to be sure of the company of other boats, I suggest putting out a note on the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp Group to ask if anyone else is considering it.  If you are not in the Tamesis Sailing WhatsApp Group and would like to join, please ask to join using the ‘Contact us’ link on the website.  The activities on the water will not be formally supervised so please  read the Social Sailing Risk Statement on the Sailing Notices page on the Club website and consider carefully before going on the water.

Looking Forward

Thursday evening races in July and August will be for the G.W. Smith Trophy.  Summer Series Blue and White races will continue on Sundays until the end of September, except on those Sundays when there is a Special Meeting.


On the RYA Training tab on the website https://www.tamesisclub.co.uk/rya-training/  you will find a short explanation of the Courses and Camps, of how they are run and the costs.  Tim Medcalf will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you use the Changing Rooms please ensure that they are shut if you think you may be the last person on site.

Do not forget that each week, on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons, there are social paddles.  Just post a message on the SUP WhatsApp Group if you would like to participate.

It is strongly recommended that all SUPers join the WhatsApp Group to alert them to any changes or information about events or group Paddles.  To join the Tamesis SUP WhatsApp Group, please ask Leah via  goodlifepaddle@gmail.com.

The storage in the Undercroft has a new combination type door lock so SUPers no longer need to use the key but should pull the door shut whilst out on the water.  If you do not know the combination already, anyone with Boards stored in the Undercroft should send Leah a text or email to goodlifepaddle@gmail.com for the code to the lock.

Those who store their Paddleboards in the Boatshed, please do not leave the Boatshed door open while you are out on the water.  It leaves the Boatshed insecure and there has been a spate of thefts from riverside locations recently.

Leah Fraser is running Paddleboarding Instruction and Paddleboard Yoga as Club activities.  Upcoming SUP lessons will be running at the Club including SUP Yoga and Intermediate Paddleboard Coaching. Book on the website https://www.goodlifepaddle.com/book-online or, if you are interested in more information, send Leah an e-mail to goodlifepaddle@gmail.com.

Note: when booking online all Tamesis Members can use the code ‘TAMMY’ for a £5 discount on any session.

Paddleboard Racking and Identification

All the SUP storage slots in both the Boatshed and the Undercroft have been numbered.  Once you have established your Board in a rack slot, please continue to keep it in that slot.  Boards need to be labelled.  Please ensure that yours has your name on it in a place which is easily visible when the Board is racked.  Despite this being requested before, there are many Boards which have no readily visible identification of ownership.  From this week, unnamed Boards may be removed from the racks and stored for reclaim when they will be identified.  Please save yourself the irritation of finding your Board gone when you want it by complying with this request.

Offshore Sailing

Simon Thompson would like to remind Members that, as a by-product of the merger of Ariel with Tamesis, they potentially have access to the facilities of The Yacht Club which has two boats based on the Solent.  Simon has posted a message in the Tamesis Club Sailing WhatsApp giving some details of what is available and a link to further details.  Several Members have taken advantage of this arrangement and if you are interested in some offshore sailing please follow up by contacting Simon.

New Race Start Schedule

The new Race Start Schedule is now the one to be used and the full Notice of Race can be found at https://www.tamesisclub.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Summer-Series-2022.pdf .

Dutyman and Club Volunteer Duties

The Dutyman list has been moved to the Members only log-in area of the website.


The Tamesis Noticeboard is now being used to show information on the following topics:

Resumption of Sailing and Use of Club Facilities, Advice on Casual Sailing and Paddleboarding, Car Parking, Club Boats, Boat Licences, Pilates and Works.

Chris Pollard


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