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Junior BBQ 2021

Saturday 17th July was the date for the much anticipated Junior Sailing and BBQ  which takes place on the Saturday before the schools break up.

The sun shone, the wind fluked around, and great fun was had by all, both on, in and off the water.  Toppers, Lasers, Laser 2k plus numerous SUPs turned out to take advantage of the weather.

This was followed by home made cake, tea and juice after the water activities, then later the bbq.  Participants brought food which was very tasty and enjoyed by all, especially the beef burgers, sausages and  marinated chicken accompanied by salads.  Great secret recipe coleslaw.

Andy and Nim are handing over as Junior Captain, so were presented with some craft beer and an beautiful bunch of flowers.

Thanks to all who were involved in organising the afternoon which extended well into the evening.

Thanks to Chris Wade for the photos – a selection below, and more on the Facebook page.




Bill Warren

Bill Warren sadly passed away aged 94 years last month. He raced a National 12 and a Merlin in the 50s and 60s at Tamesis. He then went on to sail an XOD from Itchenor Sailing Club when Jane & Bill moved down to Bosham.

They were both very fond of Tamesis as this is where they actually met and Bill went on to be an honorary member. My Father’s company built and provided the spiral staircase at the club, which is apparently still in use today!

Thank you to Bill’s daughter Lindy Mitchell for providing the eulogy and the photos.

Racing on Sunday 11th July

Competitors were greeted by a flukey Southerly on Sunday, the course set in front of the club, the upper mark just below the Island and the lower mark just in sight.  There were plenty of holes in the wind, leading boats suddenly passed by those they thought they had left far behind.

Thanks to Jonathan Key for the photos.







Hairy Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Regatta Week

Merlin sailors were treated to some very hairy conditions causing lots of thrills and spills together with some lighter winds.  The Regatta which took place from Sunday 4th to Friday 9th July.  One hundred and twenty boats took part – split into four flights, two flights starting in the morning and two in the afternoon, being rotated.

Three Tamesis Merlins took part – Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts in Sublime, Andrew Harris and Sarah Warren in Point Break, John Adams with Rupert Fletcher, Peter Johnson and Paul Jamieson in Precious.

Results were very mixed in the challenging conditions, the best single race result of 8th being obtained by Joe and Sean.

The competition was fierce, the majority of the boats were grp and very new, the helms and crews hotshots from other classes.

A great time was had by all despite the lack of sun, and several heavy rain showers.  Look forward to next year.

Full reports on https://www.salcombeyc.org.uk/

Start on Thursday afternoon


Andy and Sara


Joe and Sean


John and Peter


Junior Sailing Saturday 26th June

The Juniors had a lot of fun despite the lack of breeze.

The afternoon capped as ever by cakes, juice and tea.

Many thanks to Andrew and Nim Harris for organising with help from parents and relatives.

Thanks also go to Jonathan Key for the photos.




Training (Working from home ) 21/18

Welcome .

This week I’m just going to bang on about the fun side of sailing

We usually try to sail up to Hampton Courtt about now.
Getting under the bridges is tricky but not as hard as this
Subject: How to Get An 85 Ft Mast Under A 65 Ft Bridge
Take a look at this video on You Tube
One of th bridges is particulary nasty
When we had a flubber we tried leaning a pair of boats over it and nipping quickly through but with the dory the gunwales get damaged so we revert to towing up with the masts dropped then re-rigging .
One way or another we try to get everyone to the pub at the same time.
There is a nice little beach to land on at the pub.
Lots of keen racers go to Salcombe for the various fleet regattas.
In my old club many of us just went for fun, I took a Topper just to get from Mill Bay to the yacht club for lunch.
We also took the Topper to Calshott but we didn’t always get good wind.
Sometimes it’s good to be on your own, but sometimes it’s good to be in a crowd.
When Norderney is so crowded you need to raft up with the Grimsby lot.
The rest of the return journey was delayed by mechanical and meteorological difficulties but at least we were stuck in nice places like Lauersoog and Leuwarden .
Don’t forget the Juniors  sail at Tammy on a Saturday and may start ladies social sailing on Thursdays .
So big boat or small , coastal or inland , fair wether or foul
Sailing can be fun
Stay safe
Eric Finlayson

Training (Working from home ) 21/7


I was looking for a good video on the upwind leg of a race when I came across the following which I liked so much I’m sharing it.

Take a look at this video on You Tube

Subject: 3 Golden Rules for Tactics in Dinghy Racing with Mark Rushall

For some reason that lead me on to thinking about sailing for fun, just messing about in boats!
Traditionally clubs relied on racing to keep an active membership.  A few years ago RYA training devised the “Pathway “ scheme which lead to us doing seamanship skills and start racing advanced courses.
More recently the dreaded “focus groups” are looking at different ways to boost membership and retention.
One way we looked at was to have a ladies social sail possibly on a Thursday evening, sounds like a good start.
Anne embodies this spirit
And this lot seem to be having fun!
We should take this further when we get the chance
Sailors’ Sayings
At the moment ‘In the Doldrums’ seems to sum it up.
Incompetent Crew
Thursday 20th  a busy day getting in supplies and fuel for an early start tomorrow, but I still managed to fit in a great walk round the natures reserve.
Yachtmaster Quiz
Answer 3.8  Even if the bilges are completely dry, they should be pumped out to avoid a build up of flammable gasses
Question 3.9  What info is the Admiralty Publication 5011?
Stay sare
Eric Finlayson

Rita Dunkley

Long time member Rita Dunkley sadly died on Friday 7th May in a local nursing home.  She had been in hospital and transferred out to recover.  She has not been well for some time.

Rita and John had been members since the 1950s when they joined after coming to the Firefly open meeting.

John died two years ago and it was a great regret for Rita that he didn’t also make his 90th birthday in December – their birthdays were within a week of each of other.

Rita crewed John until she gave up dinghy sailing, but still joined him on their 25 foot Hustler 25.5, which was kept in Chichester Marina.  Over the years they invited several other members of Tamesis to race with them in Chichester Harbour, Rita always providing a feast for the crew.  Her cream teas were also one of the highlights of the Laser Open for many years.

John and Rita organised ‘Jack’s Trip’ – the Offshore Rally for many years.  It was Rita’s job to book the venue for the meal after the race – and the evenings were always memorable.

The funeral will be held at 12 noon on Thursday 27th May, at Mortlake Crematorium, followed by tea/sandwiches/cake at Tamesis from about 1/1.15pm onwards – only about 20 coming to Mortlake so far.  If anyone else would like to come they would be very welcome.   Please let Julia (Rita’s daughter) know by email on peterjuliahunt@yahoo.co.uk

Julia is also happy for people to also join them at Tamesis.
Please send donations to the RNLI.
The funeral service took place on Thursday 27th May at Mortlake Crematorium, and afterwards at Tamesis.  The following are links to the order of service, The Address and Rita’s Memories of WW2.