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Tamesis Development and Technology dinner – 5th December 2019

Hi all,

We’ve decided to make use of Thursday 5th December’s Club Supper and Talk night to have an informal discussion about all things Development and Tech at Tamesis Club.

Tamesis Club already uses many bits of technology but some of these we use really well and some of these we simply don’t use enough!

So we thought it would be a good idea to share what we have, talk about how we can use it better, and come up with ideas on what we could be doing in future. We’re sure there are many ideas out there just waiting to be tapped in to make the club even more exciting for members and future members alike.

Kaan will keep the evening ticking along and with the help of others will provide demos and discussions on the following areas:

  • Dutyman, and looking at how we run it
  • Race Results and The Smithy – can we bring race results to the clubhouse TV before everyone has packed away their boats?!
  • Merlin class and Sailwave to calculate handicaps
  • The website, including Google Analytics to see where in the world people are viewing and site and how often. We’ll have a mini quiz on the most popular pages on the website! (Not including the home page!)
  • iZettle cashless vending, and the idea of adding iZettle eCommerce to the website. Could be very useful.
  • WhatsApp, and how it can help us, e.g. Merlin Group
  • Tamesis GSuite – where Tamesis Flag Officers write and keep club documents, or SHOULD keep club documents!
  • Tamesis Weather Station – getting the most out of it
  • …and more.

Lastly, this is a bit of a tester, and assuming we find it useful will be looking to do something similar again in February as we gear up to Spring and Summer seasons.

So please join us for this informal evening of looking in to the future, and of course dinner!

Many thanks.

Hear about Tamesis Club in the Richmond Talking Newspaper!

Melanie Petersen, member of Tamesis is also one of the contributors to the Richmond Talking Newspaper.  She sat down with Brian Southcott one Sunday lunch time a few months ago, and recorded the interview which can be picked up on the link below.  Have a listen.  It’s very interesting.  


To hear the article, click on the image or link below and then click on “Tamesis Club” link.


National 18 Ultras push it to capsizing at Blackwater for N18 English Trophy

It was another fantastic National 18 Open at Blackwater Sailing Club this weekend, with a hot five way N18 Ultra battle for the coveted “National 18 English Trophy”.

Matt, Pete Impey, and I were hoping it was going to be a 6 way battle, but alas Tamesis Club’s latest N18 – 421 Optimus Prime – was not quite out of the builders in time to join in. That said, Matt got a middleman place on 417 Second Chance, and I got a bit of time on 401 Hurricane on the Sunday with Olly and Steve. It was also blowing pretty hard on the Saturday so perhaps getting a new boat and immediately smashing it in to the shallow waters of the Blackwater probably wouldn’t have been a great idea.

The racing was excellent with strong winds and an ever shifting tide providing plenty of opportunities to get ahead of the other boats. For instance, on the Saturday we all watched in awe from the committee boat as Jess Berney quickly gained several places by going up on to the plane while sailing close to the wind on the downwind leg to race past the others. However, the strong winds made for excellent viewing in the third race as Jess (in Panther) jibed and then capsized, only for Olly, Steve, and Jeremy to then jibe and capsize a few seconds later! This allowed 417 Second Chance to take over having chosen to drop their spinnaker before all of their jibes. That was wise and got them the win in the last race that day.

Although Olly, Steve, and Jeremy had recorded two wins on the Saturday, Sunday was still a challenge, and with only two races to battle it out. Panther won the first race with Hurricane coming second and for the second race Hurricane slipped back to fourth with Second Chance hauling in Panther to take the win. However, will all points, wins, and capsizes accounted for, Hurricane took the least points with Olly, Steve, and Jeremy duly picking up the trophy.

The weather, wind, and temperature were perfect, with Blackwater SC playing excellent hosts once more – and you really won’t get a bigger and better BBQ anywhere (apart from perhaps at a Tamesis Club open day!).

Thanks to Sheena and Juilan Berney for being such great hosts and ensuring a great turnout and great event.

We hope to get even more N18s to Blackwater SC again soon, and of course for next year’s Open.


Lastly, remember it’s the National 18 Champs at West Mersea starting from Sunday 15th July. Do come by to see the racing and of course enjoy the evenings 🙂




Olly and Steve putting together 401 Hurricane, with Matt PJ joining in the middle on 417 Second Chance.

Looking to jibe and capsize!

The winners
Some Royal Lymington, Tamesis Club, and Blackwater SC National 18’ers enjoying the thought of an early Sunday night after two days’ racing!

Merlin 950 , Proctor mkVlll ,1959

  • Excellent condition, lots of recent work.
  • Good road trailer and trolley.
  • Good cover and undercover.
  • Many sails including original Ratsey lapthorns in great shape.
  • Ready to go for next season, email for pics as files are too big to post
  • £950 ovno

Phil Clabburn
01983 740916

Great weekend for National 18 English Championships on the Blackwater River hosted by the Blackwater Sailing Club

The 18’s were made very welcome by the Club over the weekend of the 7/8 July. Apart from great hospitality the visitors were provided with excellent weather. Saturday’s light conditions were followed by a solid planing breeze on Sunday. Five races had three different winners, but in the end it was Jess Berney’s Panther that prevailed overall.

Results 1st – 406 Panther – Jess Berney, Brett Townsend, Gregor Davidson/ Ben Arnold
2nd – 412 Shadow – Maria Richards, Julian Berney, David Nichols
3rd – 401 Hurricane – Ollie Houseman, Jeremy Vines, Alex Norman/ David Evans
4th – 400 Odyssey – Matt Peregrine-Jones, Kaan Yargici, Dana Church

Mon 24th July and Tues 25th, and a crew for Thurs 27th and Fri 28th (the Wednesday is a lay day in the new format).
Any takers for either slot welcome! Sleeping space provided.


The owners have reluctantly had to put Genevieve up for sale.

Two mains, spinnaker gear, very good condition, various improvements, good launching trolley.

The very low price reflects the wish for the boat to remain at Tamesis.

E Simmonds 02083985187
G Lythe 02088781917

Merlin Rocket 3556 MAKE IT SO – £4,300 ono


  • Pink wooden hull
  • All carbon spares (mast, boom, poles)
  • Twin spinnaker pole system
  • 2x mainsail (1 Dacron, 1 Kevlar)
  • 2x jib
  • 3x spinnaker
  • 1x fixed Winder rudder (carbon tiller)
  • 1x lifting rudder (aluminium tiller)
  • 1x Sovereign Standard Combi (8” wheels, 1x spare wheel)
  • Cover and undercover


Daniel Gerber


Tamesis bring it home at the National 18 English National Championships

It was an amazing day’s sailing on Sunday for the National 18 English National Championships at Bosham Sailing Club.

Twelve 18s took part including 3 ultras: Odyssey (Tamesis), Hurricane (Lymington) and Panther (Blackwater SC).

There was a bit of late start as Jess and Julian Berney (with crew Duncan) were caught on the M25, so the actual start was put back by around 45 minutes. This meant that the 4 races were short and sharp, with 2 laps of the triangle course for each race.

The conditions were perfect really, with bright sun, warm water, and lots of wind. In Odyssey was me on the wire, James Fox on helm, and James’s friend Craig. Craig had hardly sailed before in his life, but thankfully was a quick learner. He’s also around 6’2 and heavy, which we think helped. Indeed a slightly different weight to Hurricane’s middle-man, Jeremy!

The racing was very close, with Odyssey taking the first race, and Hurricane taking the second. The last two races were even closer, with a slightly quicker spinnaker hoist for Odyssey on the last run giving us an overlap for the last mark, and in the last race spinnakers were touching for much of the run before the final beat for the line. If you look at the results the time differences between Odyssey and Hurricane were 40 seconds, 4 seconds, 15 seconds, and 8 seconds. Very close!

So 3 wins to Odyssey, 1 to Hurricane. Odyssey takes it and brings the trophy back to Tamesis… or indeed Kaan’s lounge! But don’t worry, I’ll bring it to the club.

A great day of competitive sailing in the sun and warm water of Chichester Harbour. Thanks to Andrew Young and Bosham SC for putting on such a slick show.

Lastly, a huge thanks to all those who contributed to making Odyssey a Tamesis boat. James, Craig, and I would never have had as much fun as we did if Odyssey wasn’t available for us to use. We hope we’ve done you proud. Looking forward to sailing Odyssey lots more in the coming months and years.



Click here to see the full results

Click here for the full picture gallery from the event