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Saga Trophy Results

The first of the Thursday evening handicap series , the Saga Trophy, has now been completed with a good series of races and with 7 boats completing 5 or more races to qualify. Detailed results are pinned up in the club on the ‘Offshore’ board but the 7 qualifiers the results are:


Boat Number Name Helm Crew Races sailed Total points for best 5 races Position
Laser 197213 RTM Marcus Chavasse   7 8 1
N18 336 Orion Alan Green Garrie Mallen 6 12 2
Merlin Rocket 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell Brian Corking 6 13 3
Merlin Rocket 1212 Fair Kop Barry Mourant Carolyne Vines /Peter Johnson 5 20 4
N18 348 Antedote Chris Pollard Debbie Leach/Anne Bayne 5 22 5
Laser 89025   Graham King   6 23 6
Firefly 8179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton   5 33 7


As can be seen , the results are very close, so sign up and make the next series, the GW Smith Trophy, starting this Thursday, 7th July, even closer.  As this will be a shorter series than the Saga Trophy, only 4 races are needed for qualification.


100 members make Christmas Lunch a “sell out”


IMG_8013 IMG_8051


This year’s Tamesis Christmas Lunch was a tremendous sell out with new applicants regrettably having to be turned away after a hundred members signed up to attend.  In the interests of both safety and the ability of the kitchen to cope with the preparation of a roast turkey lunch for such a large number, John Adams, Rear Commodore House, apologised for being unable to accept any late applications.

In comparison, the pre-lunch race for Christmas pudding prizes was almost a wash out – not because of rain or too fast a stream but because of a shortage of wind. The 12 competing boats included six Merlins, five Lasers and a National 18. Commodore Stewart Colley, dressed in a Santa Claus hat with a necklace of sparkling golden Christmas decorations, was Race Officer and gave the fleet three rounds of a modest course in front of the Clubhouse and dinghy park. The winners were Merlins – Ken Duffell and Joe Woods, Lasers – Mike Goldsmith, and National 18s – Doug Pope and Jose Ugarte. However, as this was our annual Christmas Pudding race, everyone who participated on this grey and miserable morning got a well deserved prize.

Stewart also presided at the lunch, beginning with a grace devoted to the safety of sailors everywhere, especially those in war ravaged parts of the world.

The four course lunch was prepared by Steve Katz with the help of lady members of the House Committee and served by the Kitchen staff, of Jo, Karina, Lauren, Natalie, Josefin and Theo, who also went round offering a selection of pre-lunch nibbles.

Santa arrived after the pudding had been served, having parked his reindeer in Bushy Park with their friends, and distributed presents to many of the youngest and oldest members, one of whom is now 96.

The event was concluded with the traditional carol singing, led by Brian Southcott and Jock Wishart, in which the members at the numbered tables were duly called upon to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and to jump up to sing their table number of turtle doves, calling birds, gold rings, swans a swimming, lords a-leaping and drummers drumming.  Most went home looking for a “Silent Night”.

Patrol Boat operation changes

A big thank-you to everyone who took part in our patrol boat training/practice sessions and to everyone who mans the patrol boats!


At its meeting on 8th December, the Management Committee decided to change the roles of our two patrol boats: from now on, the dory (Tamesis IV) will be the primary “safety” boat, and the launch (Tamesis III) will be used for mark laying.


The main reason for the change is to take advantage of the low freeboard of the dory to recover someone from the water. The dory is also faster, more manouverable, and her low freeboard makes it easier to handle the rigs of capsized boats.


The Patrol Boat Panel would like to take this opportunity to remind duty crew of the value of staying afloat with the racing boats, and of checking immediately with each capsized boat that they are ok to continue.


Alan Green


Chairman Patrol Boat Panel, 8th December 2014


Tamesis Club on Sunday 26th October won a close-fought series of six races sailed in Vintage Merlin Rockets (each boat more than 30 years old) by teams from Tamesis, Minima Yacht Club and Thames Sailing Club for the venerable Three Burgee Trophy, a fine framed montage of embroidered burgees surrounded by silver plaques from many years’ competition.  The racing, in variable, mainly SW winds averaging 6-8 knots took place in front of the Tamesis clubhouse where many supporters from the three clubs watched from the lawns and clubhouse as boats vied for position round the marks and finished often only a few seconds apart.

The three teams raced the tightly-packed back-to-back round robin series between 1400 and 1630.  The winning team comprised Ken Duffell and Matt Peregrine-Jones in Merlin 995, with John Adams and daughter Zoe in 1602, and Richard Mourant and Joe Woods in 1212, scoring wins in races 1, 4 and 5.

Second-placed was Thames SC with two wins in races 2 and 6, the team comprising Chris Martin and Pippa Mccosh in 3656, Gemma Hughes and Philippa Daniels in 3548, with Stephen Kettner and Nikki Erskine-Tulloch in 2805.  Third team was Minima YC who won race 3 with Ben Marshall and Soul Sheehan in 2529, Selshah and Alex Cane in 1872 and Paul Seamen and Eileen Barry in 1952.

RNLI benefit  During the day’s racing the Ladies from the Twickenham Branch of  RNLI came for their annual visit to the club making brisk sales of christmas cards and souvenirs: boats taking part in the Three Burgee Trophy each donated to the cause.

In welcoming the visiting teams to Tamesis, Commodore Stewart Colley said the club was delighted to be host to the event, which rotates in a three-year cycle between the three clubs.  All maintain an active Merlin Rocket fleet.  The Commodore thanked race officers Alan and Susan Green and Peter Konidaris, patrol boat crew Paul and Mrs Jamieson, Nicky Chavasse and her staff for their excellent catering and other Tamesis members for their support.



Tamesis v Thames 2nd race
Tamesis v Thames 2nd race
The winning team: Zoe Jeffra Adams, John Adams, Ken Duffell, Matt Peregrine Jones, Joe Woods, Richard Mourant and Commodore Stewart Colley
The winning team: Zoe Jeffra Adams, John Adams, Ken Duffell, Matt Peregrine Jones, Joe Woods, Richard Mourant and Commodore Stewart Colley

Welcome to the new Tamesis Club website!

Tamese Home Page 3

The new website builds on the features of the existing website and introduces many more, with the new site’s focus being around news stories and race reports, our programme of events, and most importantly attracting new members.

It is quite a change in functionality from the existing website so we’d like to outline some of the changes below. Please take the time to read this post and take a look at the new website. Many members have been involved in its production (huge thanks to you all), and we hope that everyone is in favour of the changes.

Of course a huge mention to John. He has established and maintained the website as an integral part of the Club and has achieved this through his continued posting of news stories and race results as well as all his updates on a multitude of pages. This has required a lot of effort on John’s part, so thank you John. Please don’t stop!


If you’d like to provide feedback on the new website then please get in touch with Kaan Yargici.

Key Features

The key features of the new website are:

  • A new design and layout
  • A new home page including help for prospective members as well as news and events for existing members
  • Drop down menu on all pages, including a search field that enables you to quickly search the whole site
  • An About section, providing overall details about the club
  • A Membership section, providing step-by-step instructions on how to join the club, and includes membership fees and an FAQ, and most importantly a Contact Us form which we aim to prioritise over emails and the club telephone
  • A comprehensive Sailing section, including an embedded DutyMan page, Race Reports, Classifieds, Lost and Found, Class pages
  • A calendar of events, including the full programme for 2014/2015

Logging on and commenting on news articles and race reports

The new site will allow commenting on news stories and race reports. In order to comment you will need to log on, and we are hoping to provide everyone with a log on to the site. If you would like a log on account now then let Kaan know.

Tamesis Club Programme of Events

Perhaps the most useful feature of the new site is the Events page. All events for the 2014/2015 Programme have been uploaded to the site, and many more events will be too, including committee meetings, dinner talks, socials, open meetings at other clubs etc.

Contact Us form

The new Contact Us form allows anyone visiting the site to contact our Club Officers without us having to give out email address and phone numbers. This is very important for capturing interest from potential new members.

Welcome Process

To support the new website and potential new members, the Development Committee has been working on refining the welcome process. This is outlined on the site.


The new website now has built in newsletter functionality. We are looking in to the idea of emailing a weekly newsletter that will contain any new stories (like race reports), any important notices (e.g. subscriptions due), and coming events. This will also provide a quick and convenient way for members to return to the site.

Technical Stuff and credits

For those that are interested. The new website is built using WordPress and was designed and created by Kaan Yargici. The majority of the content was created by John Dunkley, especially News, Race Reports and About pages. All extra content created by Kaan.