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Firefly Open – Elizabeth Cup – Results

What a great day we had on Sunday contending for the Elizabeth Cup at the Tamesis Firefly open meeting following the cancellation of the Junior Cup on Saturday (the result of squally conditions in the middle of Storm Hannah). But the Elizabeth Cup enjoyed amazing conditions – a fairly consistent (yes, for the river it really was!) F3-F4 North / North-westerly (under grey skies with the occasional outbreak of sun!) to test the abilities of helms and crews alike. Three visiting boats were in attendance along with four from the home fleet.


  1. Roger Morris & Finian Morris in “Horror” – representing Papercourt
  2. Nigel Wakefield & Pippa Wakefield in “Flo” – representing Spinnaker
  3. Tim Medcalf & Ed Medcalf in “Scallywag” – representing Tamesis

The deserving winners – Roger Morris and son Finian presented with the Elizabeth Cup by Carolyne Vines.

A huge thank you to the duty team for the day led brilliantly by Carolyne Vines.

We’d also like to thank Ronstan who sponsor the Firefly class open meetings for the additional prizes – wonderful!

Further reporting to follow – along with lots of pictures! Check back for updates on the Tamesis website – www.tamesisclub.co.uk.

Matthew Dalton – Firefly Class Captain

Firefly weekend – Junior and Elizabeth Cups – 27th / 28th of April

Tamesis will be hosting the Firefly Junior Cup and Elizabeth Cup open events (Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of April) for the National Firefly Class. It would be great to have a good showing over the weekend. Here are links to the event pages along with NOR’s etc. – Junior Cup, Elizabeth Cup.

We have a number of boats lined up already for the home fleet – please do drop me a note on email mattandcathy at gmail.com if you can confirm you’ll be sailing.

We have a number of people who would be interested in borrowing a boat for the weekend and there are possibly Fireflies at Tamesis that could be loaned to be sailed over this weekend. Please can you send me an email if you would like to sail but have no Firefly, or have a Firefly and won’t be sailing!

Looking forward to seeing many of you over the weekend, either on the river bank or enjoying what we hope will be a weekend of warm weather and good wind on the river!


(Firefly Class Captain)

Tammy Matters

Dear all

Firstly – an apology for sending out last weeks version – please could you delete and keep this one.

Thanks again to Kaan Yargici for enabling this very useful tool which has had a lot of positive feedback.  We have reports on what happened at the weekend, and also upcoming events.

Please check the Dutyman tab which shows duties for the next couple of months.  You can also see the days when we are seeking a volunteer.  Volunteering can be done via dutyman and it’s easier than you think.

Tamesis has been taking part in the football world cup.  A good crowd watched the Germany Mexico game after the sailing on Sunday afternoon. They all said it was much more fun viewing the game with others, and much quieter than the local pub.  Thanks to new member Claus Geissendoerfer for suggesting it and to Florian Krueger for doing the bar and providing the technology.

Don’t forget to sign up for supper on Thursday evening if you intend to eat.  The meal is ready from 7pm so that you don’t have to wait til the sailors come in – you can watch the race while you eat!

The menu this week is Chilli con Carne and salad, followed by fruit salad and cream. £10pp. Please book with Nicky Johnson on nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com to avoid disappointment.

Matthew Dalton, Firefly Class Captain has asked me to put in the following. I would also like to congratulate  the fireflies for the record turn out of four boats on Sunday.

The club has recently received the kind donation of Firefly 3552 ‘Slippery Skin’; the gift was made with the intention of encouraging the development of our Firefly fleet.
The boat was built in 1987 and is of a low maintenance composite construction with a GRP hull and wooden decks.  The decks have been stripped an revarnished so she is ready to go.
Fireflies are excellent river boats and particularly suitable for an adult helm and a junior crew or two experienced juniors.  There is also an active Firefly class association and some relatively local open events throughout the year.
‘Slippery Skin’ comes complete with everything the new owners will need for cruising or racing including three sets of sails (two suitable for cruising and one that will be ideal for club racing), a recent top cover, and a combination trailer (i.e. integrated road trailer and launching trolley).  The rigging and all other parts are in very sound condition.
The club would like to achieve a price of £600 for this package and the intention is to use the money raised from the sale to fund another Firefly which will be made available for purchase when it has been recommissioned.
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Matthew Dalton on mattandcathy@gmail.com
See you soon, sailing this Sunday is the normal 1030 handicap followed by class racing from 1115.
Carolyne Vines

Adelaide Cup/Tamesis Anchor 2018

The Adelaide Cup was donated to Tamesis in the early 1960s by the great nephew of the original winner, and has been sailed for by the National 18’ fleet ever since.

This year’s event was a quieter affair than in previous years, but the competition was no less fierce.

The course was laid in front of the club as it was felt that the wind was too fluky to go further. The day started with bright sunshine.  The wind direction was predominantly north easterly with some patches of lovely fast sailing accompanied by some rather large holes.

Charles Fox crewed by Robert Blakebrough in Geniveve and Alan Green crewed by Beatrice Russ in Orion sparred closely in the first race, but Charles was first over the finish line.  Orion was over the line in the second race and never really caught up.  The third race took place after lunch, by which time the wind had dropped again and the sun had disappeared.  The race was shortened to one round.  Geniveve had a convincing lead, but Orion was able to catch her at the top mark, and got past to take the winning gun.

Many thanks to OOD David Baker assisted by Jim Green and Carolyne Vines.

Orion and Geniveve neck and neck
Orion winning the third race

Photos by Jim Green

Tamesis Anchor – on the water, and Adelaide Cup – handicap

1st Geniveve Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough

2nd Orion – Alan Green and Beatrice Russ

Adelaide Cup/Tamesis Anchor 9th June 2018


Full House for Rude Mechanical Theatre’ Oberon’s Cure

The cast of the Rude Mechanical Theatre Comapny excelled themselves in Oberon’s Cure.  The punters packed onto the Tamesis Club lawn, clubhouse balcony and the brand new Cadet Room balcony.  The sun shone and the story thrilled the audience of locals, visitors, members, young and old.  This ‘prequel’ to Midsummers Night Dream never failed to amuse, the highly talented cast kept the pace up entertaining us along the way with their superb acting, singing and instrumentals.  The Company are touring during the summer. For more venues see www.therudemechanicaltheatre.co.uk

All the fairies
Titania and the Captain (Prince of Athens)
The cast as musicians




Photos – the Company Jim Green and Carolyne Vines, the crowds – Sue Katz