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Raters in Braganza Bowl and Yates Cup 2018

We were very pleased to see the six Thames A Raters arrive on Saturday along with blazing sunshine and a strong Southerly gusting 30 knots at times.  The course was challenging – upstream start taking the boats half way up the Canbury reach and down to the bottom mark below Trowlock Island.

All six started in the first race on Saturday, but three retired, due to gear failure or concerns re gear failure.  Osprey won from Adventurer setting up the needle match that lasted all the weekend.

The second race was for the Yates Cup.  Adventurer was clear winner from Osprey.  The wind had not abated, so it made for some very exciting sailing.

Sunday was completely different, pouring rain with a lightish northerly.   The course for the first two races took competitors up past the island then down to a mark just below the club.  Vagabond was clear winner in the first race followed by  Adventurer and Osprey. The rain got worse in the second race causing the wind to drop.  Adventurer led over the finishing line having overtaken Osprey during the second round.  Vagabond was third.

The third race was crucial.  Adventurer had two firsts and two seconds, Osprey a first, two seconds and a win, Vagabond a first, third and a retirement.  Vagaond easily won the last race though Adventurer was apparently closing some of the time. Osprey was third.

Final results

Yates Cup:

1st Nr 24 Adventurer – Martin Hunter, Jock Wishart and Jamie Stewart – Tamesis

2nd Nr 16 Osprey – Paul Browning, Justin Dunn, Graham Bartholomew Thames SC

Braganza Bowl:

1st Nr 24 Adventurer – Martin Hunter, Jock Wishart and Jamie Stewart – Tamesis  6 points

2nd Nr 16 Osprey – Paul Browning, Justin Dunn, Graham Bartholomew Thames SC  8 points

3rd Nr 13 Vagabond – Miles Palmer, Kevin Pearson, Matt Kyte Thames SC 12 points

The prizes announced by Jim Green, Rear Commodore Sailing, presented by Commodore Carolyne Vines.  Martin Hunter graciously thanked the Race teams – OODs Peter Fryer and David Jerram, Time Keepers Pauline Fryer and Andrew Forbes, Patrol Boat drivers and crews Brian Timbrell, Berry Ritchie, Robert Blakebrough, Florian Krueger  Neville Upton, and of course very importantly the catering crew.

Adventurer and Vagabond on Saturday
Start of the first race on Sunday
Beating down to first mark in first race – photo – Peter Johnson
Jock Wishart, Martin Hunter and Jamie Stewart receiving the Braganza Bowl from the Commodore – photo – Jenny Finlayson


Tammy Trains

Beautiful autumn weather and gentle Northerly winds made for ideal training conditions on Sunday .
Working round a particularly well attended Merlin open the normal pattern of land based and on the water training allowed three of our beginners to complete their courses whilst the advanced students , sailing half way to Lensbury ,had plenty space for their exercises and got in a lot of good sailing .
Training as usual next Sunday will work round the Raters whilst trying to finish off current courses .

Good sail setting

Good trim

Good fun!

Eric Finlayson


Sunny Sondown & Silver Tiller

Andy and Sara Harris won the Sondown Cup and the Elizabeth Bowl in sunny and light airs. Fifteen boats were racing with visitors from Hampton, Lymington Town and Minima. Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable day.




1st – 607 Crescendo, Andy Harris, Sara Harris (3 points)

2nd – 1079 Passing Cloud, Richard Harris, Maddie Harris (4 points)

3rd – 1493 Katy Lou, Alex Jackson, Rachel Alder (5 points)

4th – 3724 Sublime, Joe McLaughlin, Sean Roberts (6 points)



Close racing by the boathouse – Photo by Henry Medcalf
Four in a row – Photo by Henry Medcalf
– Photo by Henry Medcalf
– Photo by Henry Medcalf
photo by Henry Medcalf
– Photo by Henry Medcalf
photo Henry Medcalf



Soggy Porteous Cup

Thirteen hardy vintage Merlin’s  were treated to a solid Northerly breeze and persistent rain delivering a cracking windward-leeward courses. John & Oliva Bell won the first two races convincingly and had the pleasure of watching the windiest and wettest race of the day from the warmth of the clubhouse. This was the largest turnout of Merlin’s for the De May series this season so far. Big thanks to all of the visitors for contributing to a great day and some exciting racing.


1st – 1201 Grand Teton, John Bell and Olivia Bell (2 points)

2nd – 3560 Luka, Stuart Jenkins, Nicola Seaddan (3 points)

3rd – 723 Cindy, Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts (5 points)

4th – 607 Crescendo, Berry Ritchie and Sue Harris (7 points)

The Bells showing the wa1y – photo Sara Jamieson
Andromeda, Cindy & Crescendo in close contention through the island – photo Sara Jamieson
Luka with Bambusa & Emanuelle all in contention – photo Sara Jamieson
John Bell and Oliva Bell being presented the Porteous Cup – photo Sean Roberts
Stuart and Nicola being presented the Southcott Cup for winning the last race – photo Sean Roberts


Tammy Trains

Lighter winds on Sunday allowed our beginners to make real progress even though severe wind shifts made sail setting tricky.
More experienced students honed specialist skills like Man Overboard.
We are making a real effort to finish off existing courses whilst the weather is reasonable and to allow us to organise a Start Racing course .

Eric Finlayson,

Chief Instructor 1.10.18

Jon Redding back to winning ways in Laser Barometer


The run upstream – photo Jim Green
The winner – Jon Redding -photo Jim Green
The Commodore presents Jon Redding with the Laser Barometer – photo – Jim Green

In one of the largest fleets in recent years, and in a borrowed boat too, Jon Redding returned to Tamesis after a year’s break to win the Laser Barometer open meeting again. However, he didn’t have it all his own way – with competition from Andrew Harris, who won the third race, and last year’s winner, Marcus Chavasse, winning the second.

In generally northwesterly winds that varied between light and good, Officer Of The Day, Matt Peregrine-Jones, aided by Joe Woods, set a medium-sized down and up course from a little above Lensbury to close to the island. 17 boats entered, including several from Lensbury, and a novice racer, Alden (who did very well, in at times very difficult and gusty winds).

The first race saw Jon Redding triumph over Richard Harris and Andrew Harris (who had a chance of a win, but for an unfortunate capsize just before the finish), with Commodore Carolyne Vines coming in 4th.

The second, after lunch, had Marcus hold onto the lead he held from the first lap, with Jon Redding taking second, Alan Davidson from Lensbury 3rd, and Richard Harris in 4th.

The final race, with strengthening winds, saw Andrew Harris take the win, but it wasn’t enough to win overall, even after the discard, as he finished with a first and a third, with John Redding adding another second (giving him a first and second, after the discard), and Richard Harris coming in third (and ending up with a second and a third, after the discard).

The final results for the Barometer were:

  1. Jon Redding
  2. Andrew Harris
  3. Richard Harris
  4. Marcus Chavasse
  5. Alan Davidson

Record Turnout for National 18 Inland Champs

Odyssey sailed by David Vines and Max Vines. photo Susan Green


The Goose Drank … sailed by John Adams and Rupert Fletcher. photo Susan Green
John Adams and Rupert Fletcher. photo Susan Green
Max Vines and David Vines – photo – Susan Green
Alan Green reads out the prize winners – photo Jim Green
The Commodore Max Vines and David Vines – photo – Jim Green


The Commodore and John Adams – photo Jim Green



An excellent day’s sailing was held in bright sunshine and fickle, light wind when an almost-record of eleven N18s took part in the 2018 Inlands at Tamesis.  Race Officer Peter Mason set in front of the clubhouse two short courses that needed no dog-legs to provide at random beats, reaches and runs (with flat bits in between).  Yet despite the challenges the fleet coped well with few boats parked other than momentarily.

Some great new Morrison hardware graced the proceedings, 400 Odyssey (Tamesis club boat sailed by David and Max Vines), 401 Hurricane (Ollie Houseman, Anne Bayne) and 421 Optimus Prime (Kaan Yargici and Matt P-J) always in the top five except in race one when Prime was delayed and missed the start.  But Prime in her first season looked splendid and pulled up to second in race 2 showing promise for her planned touring race season.

Big surprise (not of course to those sailing her) was Barney Smith’s 369 Goose that had laid static ashore for a year and generously loaned to expert Merlin sailors John Adams and Rupert Fletcher.  Goose shot almost to the front of the fleet, often with 348 Antedote (Chris Pollard, Caroline Stilwell) on her heels keeping close company with the new Morrisons.

Welcome new owners in established Tamesis boats were Henry Defries  with Chris Taggart in former N18 class captain Ian Burnett’s 374 Zephyr, and Garrie Mallen who with Jeremy Vines in 375 Rhapsody placed 5th and 6th in races 1 and 2 steered by Garrie on his first outing at the helm – high quality guidance makes a difference.  One over the Eight returned to play, turning in a competent performance with Merlin sailors Ken Duffel (who won the Adelaide Cup in the N18 Orion) and Joe Woods, plus Ken’s grandson Matt Valentine (also an Adelaide Cup winner).

The day was rounded off with an early supper and prizegiving, dinner laid on by the house catering team under R/C House Nicky Johnson and team leader Jo Carstens.

A great effort by Tammy member Ollie Houseman to trail 401 Hurricane all the way over from Bristol for the event and we now expect this re-established event to bring back next year more of the class from other clubs.  We will be ready!


Maddison Cup – first over the line

Odyssey – David Vines and Max Vines

Eighteen Cup – Handicap

The Goose Drank – John Adams and Rupert Fletcher

Open results Race 1

1  Goose, 2 Hurricane, 3 Odyssey, 4 Antedote, 5 Rhapsody

Handicap results Race 1

1 Goose, 2 Antedote, 3 Rhapsody, 4 Zephyr

Open results Race 2

1 Odyssey, 2 Optimus Prime, 3 Hurricane, 4 Goose, 5 1/8

Handicap results Race 2

1 Goose, 2 1/8, 3 Odyssey, 4 Antedote.


Entry list

Opti Prime Kaan Yargici & Matt PJ
Orion Alan Green & Falcon Compton
Trojan Mike & Jenny Adams
Genevieve Charles Fox & Robert Blakebrough
One / 8 Ken Duffell, Joe Wood, Matt Valentine
Antedote Chris Pollard & Caroline Stilwell
Zephyr Henry Defries & Chris Taggart
Rhapsody Garrie Mallen & Jeremy Vines
Hurricane Ollie Houseman & Anne Bayne
Odyssey David Vines & Max Vines
The Goose John Adams & Rupert Fletcher


Alan Green

30 Sept 2018


Tammy Trains

Windguru predicted 10kts wind with 18kts gusts and heavy rain for Sunday but showed signs of clearing up after lunch.
Most of the instructors and several of the students took a chance and were rewarded by a bit of late sunshine and an exciting sail (capsizes, lee shores and gear failure just made things more interesting).
For the record we can usually find something useful to do whatever the weather , sailing a Wayfarer with a Mirror sail in a hoolie is actually quite good fun and Oppies are very hard to capsize.
Too busy to take many photos.
Eric Finlayson 23.9.18

Jack’s Trip 2018

The company – photo Bonnie Green
The Presentation of the Sea Cock trophy – photo Bonnie Green

On Saturday, 22nd September, a happy few joined together at Itchenor Sailing Club to mark Jack’s Trip, the Tamesis Offshore Rally, and the presentation of the  Seacock Trophy.

It’s been a while since the last Jack’s Trip so our new Offshore Captain, Daniel Gerber, valiantly took up the challenge to arrange the 2018 offshore race and dinner.  Unfortunately the worsening weather and other factors led to no sailing taking place but all agreed that a trip to Itchenor Sailing Club for the dinner was still worthwhile.  In what must have been the worst weather conditions for some time, thirteen intrepid Tammy members drove to Itchenor in relentless driving rain and howling winds to enjoy a very tasty dinner in the very comfortable surroundings of Itchenor Sailing Club.   Rear Commodore Sailing Jim Green gave the assembled members a brief history of Jack’s Trip and the Seacock Trophy, and David Baker recounted how he and Martin Adams had won its predecessor, the Mudlark Trophy.  John and Rita Dunkley, who for so many years organised many memorable Jack’s Trips, were unfortunately unable to join the group this year so everyone raised their glasses in a toast to them.

Finally, after thanking Daniel profusely for organising this year’s event, our Commodore Carolyne Vines presented him with the Seacock Trophy for arranging a Jack’s Trip where the ‘tidal circumstances’ and other factors resulted in no boats actually sailing to the dining venue.  Daniel graciously accepted the prestigious award.

Report by Jim Green, photos Daniel Gerber and Bonnie Green