Tamesis Club

Casual and Social Social Sailing Risk Statement

To all casual sailors, social sailors and other club members using the river.

We are looking forward to the season when many members will enjoy casual and social sailing on the river. Please make yourself and your crew aware of the attached Casual and Social Sailing Risk Statement. Remember that the Club does not provide formal supervision for casual and social sailing.  Only go on the water if your boat is in good order.  Ensure that you and your crew are competent to handle the boat in the prevailing conditions.

Casual and Social Sailing Risk Statement 26 May 2022


Enjoy your sailing and on-water activities!

Marcus Chavasse

Rear Commodore (Sailing)

26th May 2022

Tammy Matters

Race schedule for Blue and White Series Races Summer 2022

We have developed Sunday racing with the opportunity for two races for all. All races will be “lap” races with competitors finishing when they next cross the finish line after the lead boat has finished.

We will continue the race schedule trialled during March.  This will remain provisional during April 2022.


There will be a 45+ minute race each week which counts towards the Summer Series points and handicap trophies.  This will be called the White Race Series.

The Club will also run another series of shorter fleet races (30 mins lead boat) which will form a Blue Race Series.  There will be prizes for the Blue Race Series.

For the Summer Series, the combined results from the White and Blue Race Series will additionally count towards the award of a new set of trophies (one each for the Merlin Rocket, Laser and N18 fleets).


09:30 OOD and Team arrive to set up.


Blue Race Series

10:30             Merlin Rocket Blue Race start

10:35             Laser Blue Race start

10:40             N18, Enterprise, Handicap Blue Race start

Blue Races complete by 11:25 (30 minutes lead boat).

A Time Limit will apply to Blue Races.  No boat will recorded as finishing if it finishes more than 50 minutes after the start for its class.


White Series Races

11:30             Merlin Rocket White Race start

11:35             Laser White Race start

11:40             N18, Enterprise, Handicap White Race start


White Races complete by approximately 12:35 (45+ minutes lead boat).  OOD discretion may target a lead boat time of up to an hour if appropriate to the conditions.


Boats off the water by approximately 12:45.

OOD and Team pack up before 13:00.


Marcus Chavasse

Rear Commodore Sailing

Posted 31st March 2022


Firefly weekend – Junior and Elizabeth Cups – 27th / 28th of April

Tamesis will be hosting the Firefly Junior Cup and Elizabeth Cup open events (Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of April) for the National Firefly Class. It would be great to have a good showing over the weekend. Here are links to the event pages along with NOR’s etc. – Junior Cup, Elizabeth Cup.

We have a number of boats lined up already for the home fleet – please do drop me a note on email mattandcathy at gmail.com if you can confirm you’ll be sailing.

We have a number of people who would be interested in borrowing a boat for the weekend and there are possibly Fireflies at Tamesis that could be loaned to be sailed over this weekend. Please can you send me an email if you would like to sail but have no Firefly, or have a Firefly and won’t be sailing!

Looking forward to seeing many of you over the weekend, either on the river bank or enjoying what we hope will be a weekend of warm weather and good wind on the river!


(Firefly Class Captain)