Tamesis Club

Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 Lockdown

Practices to be observed by Members using Tamesis Club whilst the current conditions are in force.


This Notice will be revised whenever Government imposed conditions are changed.

Version 5:- 29th November 2020

Following the passing of Legislation by Parliament on 4th November 2020 the RYA held a webinar to explain their immediate interpretation of the effect this has for Sailing Clubs.  This will change on 2nd December but we must follow this guidance until then.

The following are the conditions which will apply to Tamesis Club until 2nd December.

1    The Club facilities must be closed.

2    As the Club is on a private site, no sporting activity at or from the Club is permitted.  Consequently there will be no organised racing and, furthermore, Members are not allowed to participate in casual recreational sailing from our premises.

3    Members must not go to the Club for non-essential purposes.  Going to the Club to do routine boat maintenance or improvement is not permitted. 

4    Members may not go to the Club to remove their boats from the dinghy park to work on at home unless the work is essential and cannot wait for the four weeks of Lockdown.

5    In the event of a flood, Members will be allowed to come to the Club to ensure the safety of their boats kept there.

From 2nd December we must abide by the conditions appropriate to Tier 2.

The RYA advice can be found at https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/current-affairs/Pages/coronavirus-covid-19.aspx

An edited digest of those regulations which I consider most affect the Club is given below but for fuller information go to the Official sites listed below the digest.

Tier 2: High alert (Abbreviated digest)

This is for areas with a higher or rapidly rising level of  infections, where some additional restrictions need to be in place.

  • you must not socialise with anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place
  • you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 people outside, including in a garden or a public space – this is called the ‘rule of 6’
  • businesses and venues can continue to operate, in a COVID-Secure manner
  • hospitality venues can only serve alcohol with substantial meals
  • hospitality businesses selling food or drink for consumption on their premises are required to:
    • provide table service only, in premises which sell alcohol
    • close between 11pm and 5am
    • stop taking orders after 10pm
  • public attendance at spectator sport and business events can resume inside and outside, subject to social contact rules
  • organised outdoor sport, and physical activity and exercise classes can continue
  • you can continue to travel to venues or amenities which are open, but should aim to reduce the number of journeys you make where possible
  • if you live in a tier 2 area, you must continue to follow tier 2 rules when you travel to a tier 1 area. Avoid travel to or overnight stays in tier 3 areas other than where necessary, such as for work, education, youth services, to receive medical treatment, or because of caring responsibilities. You can travel through a tier 3 area as a part of a longer journey

Exemptions from gatherings limits in all tiers

  • as part of a single household, or a support bubble
  • for childcare, education or training – meaning education and training provided as part of a formal curriculum
  • for supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care (before and after-school childcare), groups and activities for under 18s, and children’s playgroups
  • for formal support groups, and parent and child groups – up to 15 people aged 5 and older
  • to provide emergency assistance
  • to avoid injury or illness, or to escape a risk of harm

Official sites for fuller information

Covid 19 – Winter Plan Summary


Tier Posters – Medium, High and Very High


Local Restrictions – What you need to know



Chris Pollard