Tamesis Club

Covid-19 precautions

Practices to be observed by Members using Tamesis Club following the lifting of restrictions.

At the present time the threat of infection is high.  We will, therefore, within the Club, adopt a cautious approach to the relaxation of measures whilst keeping an eye on the way things continue to develop, nationally, and/or locally.

With regard to the conditions which were put in place for sailing during the lockdowns, we will not insist on masthead buoyancy but the wearing of personal buoyancy aids during the winter season is required.  However, whilst sailing casually without Patrol Boat availability, masthead buoyancy is recommended.

We will continue to use our pandemic race start times to reduce clustering on the shore.  This has been found to have some advantages for the Race Officer in reducing the number of boats racing at any one time.  The originally scheduled 10:30 Handicap race will be held in abeyance for the time being but any non-class-race boats wishing to race can take the N18 start at 11:00.

The Changing Rooms are now open and the showers may be used but Members are asked to allow social distancing to Members who request it.  There is sanitising spray available which should be used to clean down the benches.

In respect of opening up the Clubhouse, we ask that Members adopt cautious behaviour which will allow those who are uncomfortable with the relaxation of measures to enjoy the facilities as much as possible.  To this end we will open enough doors and windows in the Clubhouse to ensure good ventilation.  Members wishing to remain in the Clubhouse are asked to seat themselves at a table in groups no larger than six people or as a larger family group.  It is recommended that masks are worn in the Clubhouse whilst standing and chatting.

When food is being provided it will be brought to your table if you are seated inside and will be served at the window beside the Veranda entrance for those who are eating outside.  Food must be ordered and paid for at the Bar.

Phil’s Bar has been reopened but there should be no more buyers at the Bar than there are servers behind it.  You may go to the Bar, through the Veranda door, as a small group (no more than three) to order drinks.  Once you have been served at the Bar you may either sit at a table in the Clubhouse or exit through the Veranda door.

I will be posting changes in the manner in which we can use the Club from time to time with a view to getting the best balance between what we would like and what we consider responsible.


Chris Pollard