Tamesis Club

Covid-19 Lockdown

Conditions to be followed by Members using Tamesis Club whilst current conditions are in force. This Notice will be revised when Government imposed conditions are changed.

If you or anybody in your household display any symptoms of Coronavirus infection, none of you may come to the Club and you should self-isolate for the Government recommended period.

For those who wish to access the boatshed for boats or masts, there is no accessible key to the boatshed double doors in the Clubhouse. Do not go into the Clubhouse to look for it or for any other reason. The boatshed small door can be opened using the old Clubhouse key and the key to the double doors is housed with the race equipment. If you wish to open the double doors and don’t know how to access that key, call any Flag Officer or the Harbourmaster. If you do open the double doors, make sure they are bolted and locked before you leave and that the key is returned to where it came from.


On Land

Except when organised racing is in progress on Sunday mornings, the Clubhouse and Changing Rooms are closed, so no toilet or washing facilities are available at the Club. If you intend going on the water you should change into your kit at home.

If you handle anything that you have not brought with you it is suggested that you wear gloves when doing so or use hand sanitiser afterwards.

If you think you may use Club equipment (i.e. chairs, tables etc.) please bring sanitiser and cloths to wipe them down before and after use.

On Club premises, you and all members of your household must observe the current social distancing from members of all other households. Please do your best to ensure that young children in your charge do not break this restriction.

The lawn and riverfront are there for your enjoyment – please keep proper social distancing.


On the Water

Sailing, paddleboarding and canoeing are allowed if done within the Government restrictions.

Any sailing or other activity on or in the water is entirely at your own responsibility and risk.

If you go on the water you must wear a buoyancy aid.



Before going out on the water, consider your capabilities in the light of the prevailing weather conditions and ensure that your boat is sound and the rigging is in good condition, bearing in mind that there is no assisted recovery available. If in any doubt, do not go afloat.

Masthead floats (2 litre) and personal buoyancy aids are mandatory whilst these conditions are in force.

The Club patrol boats will be used when organised racing is in progress but social distancing rules makes giving assistance from a patrol boat, other than restoring boats to upright, impractical.

Club boats are not available for Members to use at the present time.

Be careful to keep to the social distancing rules whilst rigging, launching and recovering craft and whilst on the water.

Single-handed sailing by helms under 16 is not allowed but they may sail in crewed boats with adult members of their own household.


Chris Pollard