Tamesis Club

Helping to run the club

Tamesis Club is run entirely by its members, many of whom are involved in the day-to-day running of the club, whether through one of the committees or just on an ad-hoc basis. We also have a small team of paid staff to help run the kitchen and bar during race days and for special events.


Race Duty

All sailing members are required to help out a few times a year in the running of races at the club. For new members this usually means helping out in the race organisation, or after initial training help man the patrol boat.

More experienced members will help out in the race box by setting start flags and recording laps and finishing times.

Every race has a designated Officer Of the Day (OOD). This person is responsible for setting the race course and ensuring the race is conducted safely. This is for long term members or those who have lots of sailing and racing experience.


Wednesday Working Party

Consisting principally of people who have retired or those working part-time, the Wednesday Working Party meets at the club every Wednesday morning to maintain the clubhouse and grounds and to make repairs.

We have to thank this group a lot for keeping the club in good shape.