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TAMESIS III – Instructions


  1. Unlock padlock with half-moon key and put padlock on vertical rail on mooring post. The lock can be quite tricky so you have to be patient (push key right in).
  2. Pump bilges until no water emerges from the transom, using the bilge pump under the aft deck. (The handle is behind the plastic pipe.)
  3. Plug in battery key on forward bulkhead and turn clockwise to ‘on’ position. (The key may have been put in the gap at top of bulkhead). Check diesel level in fuel tank (you can see the level by rocking the boat).
  4. Untie the tiller otherwise you won’t be able to steer!

Starting the engine

  1. Go to black gear/throttle handle in the stern. Press in the button at the side of the handle to put the engine out of gear. Push the handle right down to open the throttle to help the engine start.
  2. Turn the ignition key to the left for 10 seconds to heat the glow plugs. (This is only done from a cold start.) Immediately turn the key to the right without stopping until the engine starts. (It should start after a few seconds – do not hold for more than 10 seconds.).
  3. When the engine is firing evenly ease the throttle handle back to stop the engine racing.
  4. Check over the stern on the starboard side to make sure the cooling water is spurting out – essential to ensure the engine is running correctly. Keep the engine going in neutral for a few minutes to make sure it is running properly, having raised the handle to just below horizontal. You are now good to go.
  5. Push the black handle down for forward and up for reverse. Stop at neutral for a few seconds when going from forward to reverse and vice versa.

Stopping the Engine

  1. Press the silver button in the red square on the rear of the engine cover.


  1. Remove ignition key.
  2. Tie tiller firmly in the central position to stop it moving around.
  3. Turn anticlockwise and remove the battery key on forward bulkhead.
  4. Lock the boat with padlock using the whole length of the chain to allow boat to rise with any flooding tide.