Tamesis member’s Jungle adventures in Costa Rica

Rosalind Warwick-Haller presents her talk

Rosalind Warwick-Haller presents her talk

Tamesis Laser sailor Rosalind Warwick-Haller gave a fascinating and sometimes alarming talk on Thursday 7th January about her visit to Costa Rica in the summer of 2015.  She helped to survey the biodiversity of local wildlife, including turtles, birds, big cats and primates for the local conservation organisation (OSA Conservation) who work with the Costa Rican Government; this took her into the reach of deadly spiders, snakes and crocodiles.  Speaking to an audience of 30 club members at a Thursday evening supper she explained about camp life, the diversity and abundance of the wildlife she saw whilst in the depths of the Costa Rican Rainforest and the different survey methods for each species. She regaled us with tales of trekking neck deep through caiman infested rivers, horse-riding on beaches and Costa Rican day-to-day life. 




  1. Stewart Colley

    Sounds very exciting, Ros. So sorry I missed the talk laid low with a nasty bug.