Tamesis celebrates Burn’s Night


Jock MacColley Рotherwise known as Commodore of Tamesis


Kim Casselis of Ariel pipes in the Haggis


Eric Finlayson of Ariel comes to the end of his splendid address to the Haggis and prepares to slice it open with great gusto.


Rear Commodore Alan Green says the Selkirk Grace.


Commodore Colley makes the address to the Lassies.


Vice Commodore Carolyne Vines replies for the Lassies


The dancing begins


Eric pulls the strings
Presentations were also given by Anne Mary Brunsdon and Brian Harper-Lewis, who did a spirited ‘Immortal Memory’


  1. Stewart Colley

    A great evening. Many thanks to our new ex Ariel members for organising and leading the evening’s entertainment, and to Rear Commodore John Adams for providing the most delicious Burns supper I have ever tasted!

    • John Dunkley

      In the immortal words of Burns himself “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us!”

  2. John Dunkley

    Thanks to Eric and Jenny Finlayson and John Adams for organising a memorable event and to Jo Carstens and her colleagues in the kitchen and bar, Jemima, Theo and Lauren for cooking and serving the Haggis, Scotch Broth and cranachan (cream, oats, whisky and raspberries).

    • John Dunkley

      Thanks also to Adrian and Sally Warwick-Haller for arranging and setting the tables.