Busy Month for the Training Team 2017


Capsize drill!

This has been the busiest month so far for the Training Team .
A mixed group of adults, youngsters complete beginners and more experienced sailors battled with a variety of weather conditions including some particularly strong winds .
Capsizes and lee shore rescues were all too frequent .
The students completed

Seven youth stage 1,

Two adult Level1,

Four adult level 2 courses

We even gained another Assistant Instructor !

We also passed the annual RYA inspection .
A new series of courses starts on Sunday 2nd and will include the annual trip to Hampton Court on July 23rd (all welcome apply to Eric)

Eric Finlayson, June 2017


  1. Stewart Colley

    Excellent report thanks Carolyne.and great work by the team.
    Sign off by Eric Webb slightly confusing!