Tamesis Club

Notice to competitors Blue Series and White Series start times amended for 12th June.

On 12th June 2022 there will be a partial river closure in place on our reach until 14.00 for a Royal Canoe Club event.  They will also be using the Tamesis Club car park.  Please do not use our car park before 11.00.

Start times on 12th June 2022 will be as follows.

BLUE Series

14.25 First warning signal for Blue Series
14:30 Merlin Rocket Blue Series Start
14:35 ILCA (Laser) Blue Series Start
14:40 National 18, Enterprise, Handicap Blue Series Start

WHITE Series
15:25 First warning signal for White Series
15:30 Merlin Rocket White Series Start
15:35 ILCA (Laser) White Series Start
15:40 National 18, Enterprise, Handicap White Series Start

Casual and Social Social Sailing Risk Statement

To all casual sailors, social sailors and other club members using the river.

We are looking forward to the season when many members will enjoy casual and social sailing on the river. Please make yourself and your crew aware of the attached Casual and Social Sailing Risk Statement. Remember that the Club does not provide formal supervision for casual and social sailing.  Only go on the water if your boat is in good order.  Ensure that you and your crew are competent to handle the boat in the prevailing conditions.

Casual and Social Sailing Risk Statement 26 May 2022


Enjoy your sailing and on-water activities!

Marcus Chavasse

Rear Commodore (Sailing)

26th May 2022

Blue Series Race cancelled Sunday 15th May

This Sunday 15th May 2022 there will be no Blue Series race (10.30-10.40). The Skiff Club has an event and we are coordinating use of the reach. The White Series races will, however, take place (11.30-11.40 starts). The White Series races may be postponed by potentially up to 15 minutes on the day to allow Skiff racers to clear our line. Please keep well clear of any racing skiffs – which should be coming downstream at that stage on the Surrey side of the river. Racing will be followed by the Winter Series prizegiving at 13.30. Please come and support our fellow sailors.

May 21st and 22nd Merlin Rocket Open Meetings Notices of Race

Notice of Race  De May Vintage and Classic Merlin Rockets 21st May 2022




Notice of Race Silver Tiller and Thames Series  22nd May 2022